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Topic: Another Grind yes, just another cup, no (8 msgs / 128 lines)
1) From: Diablo
You may recall I was looking for a grinder to grind about 3-4 pounds a week or
so.  I ended up getting a Rocky for several reasons.  One being price and what
I found on quality and craftsmanship.
I can only say OMG!  I have been missing out on so much in a cup, and it was
all due to the grind.  Currently using 3.5 for drip.  Even with drip brewing
the difference is night and day.  
I had purchased a capresso flat burr grinder.  I thought it was a small
improvement over the cuisinart I had before it.  They are both cr*p, I can say
that now that I have a REAL grinder.  However, do what you gotta do to grind, I
still had great cups of coffee, but I never imagined the difference being this
When I went to filtered water, complete with minerals still in it:), that was a
night and day experience as well.  I can only assume the paper filter will
again produce more enlightenment.
What are the settings the list Rocky users like for all your brewing needs?
What kind of paper filters do you like for drip brewing?
I have been roasting colombian and to this point it was "OK".  The grind alone
brought it up a few notches.  I found richness.  Funny.
Happy grinding,

2) From: raymanowen
"What kind of paper filters do you like for drip brewing?"
None.  Gold mesh   -RayO
On 9/16/06, Diablo  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

3) From: Diablo
I read a thing on oils in the coffee that are less than good for you.  More
said that the paper filter got rid of some of the oils.  In either case I'm not
too stressed over it, but dang I drink a couple pots a day.  Once in while FP
or Melita.  Those are awesome cups of coffee, I can't wait to see what the
grind has in store for when I have me a FP of Dota Tarrazu.
--- raymanowen wrote:

4) From: Eddie Dove
When I use paper filters, I use either the Filtropa or the Melitta.  The
Melitta filters have tiny pinholes.  These are the only two I have cared for
thus far.
Hope this helps ...
On 9/16/06, Diablo  wrote:

5) From: Diablo
Thanks dude.  I'll look for them.  
--- Eddie Dove  wrote:

6) From: raymanowen
You could use a porcelain filter- or, what the hay- why not use Membrane
technology? The effluent will be distilled H2O, and you'll have Extreme
Coffee on the membrane.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
On 9/16/06, Diablo  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

7) From: Ken Mary
It is not the oils that are bad, it is the RANCID oils in stale coffee.
If you still do not want the oils, then a paper filter may remove them along
with some flavor as well.
As to different grinders, I have a Cunill Tranquilo at home and Bodum
Antiguas at my mother's place and the summer cottage. After both grinder
types were set at the proper grind for the brew method (not espresso), the
differences in the cup were slight but the Bodums were still naggingly

8) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
I think he may have been referring to information discussed on 
CoffeeGeek, search for "French Press and Cholesterol", where the issue 
is more about health effects of oils, rather than taste effects of 
rancid oils.
Dave S.
Ken Mary wrote:

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