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Topic: lube job for the Hot Top (6 msgs / 95 lines)
1) From: Bob Brashear
Getting that dreaded noise from the front of the roast chamber. It's 
coming from the front bearing and the tip of the drum shaft. Tried 
adjusting the gold bolt, but it no longer seems to work.
The Hot Top FAQ recommends a Radio Shack Multi-Purpose Lube Gel. All RS 
stores near me no longer carry it (discontinued item)and it is no longer 
available online. I tried looking for an equivalent on the net, but I am 
quickly drowning in a sea of info.
Anyone have any ideas?

2) From: Aaron
Try WD40 bob....  or any general purpose grease or a moly lube..  If you 
are worried about the temperature, use the heat sink compound they use 
on cpu cooling fins... any computer shop should have plenty of these 
tiny tubes laying around they should be able to give you one if you 
ask.  I give them away all the time.... or use them on my thermocouple 
generator when I move it to a different heat source.

3) From: Maryann & Dave Schellenberg
Have you smelled that stuff?
It will never see the inside of my HotTop!
Dave S.
Aaron wrote:

4) From: Bob Brashear
Aaron wrote:
Hmmm. I use Wd-40 to clean cured propellant from my vacuum mixer. I 
don't think I want to use that in the roast chamber.
I tried some vegetable oil and the "rubbing-scratching" sound went away. 
I don't know if this is a long term fix or not.

5) From: Tara Kollas
I've been using it for over a year and had no problems - no smell -
nothing.  Send my your address and I can blob some into a container for you
- I think the tube I have will far outlast my hottop.  I only have to
reapply every few weeks.
On 9/17/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

6) From: Ed Needham
WD40 is not a very good lubricant.  It's great for loosening bolts or 
removing rust, and it is more of a solvent than a lubricant.
I'd call around to restaurant machine shops or restaurant supply stores and 
get a tube of hi temp food grade grease.
Ed Needham®
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