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Topic: impressive variety! (6 msgs / 73 lines)
1) From: Sheila Quinn
Just a quick "thank you" to SM for the 8lb. sampler pack that just 
arrived at my door. WOW - what a great variety of top-quality beans. I 
hadn't ordered a sampler pack since I first started roasting, so I'm 
glad I tried it again. If anyone wants to sample a whole bunch of great 
kinds of coffee, I would highly recommend this. It amounts to $4/lb 
which is a real bargain!!!
Is there anyone who regularly orders the samplers? Just curious.

2) From: Eddie Dove
I do periodically.  It makes me try beans that I normally may not order ...
then find out I like them!
On 9/21/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

3) From: Tim Wat
Sheila Quinn wrote:
I've only been roasting for a few months (and still managed to blow up 
my popper - too many mods and too many years between me and high school 
electronics), but have ordered a sampler with just about every SM 
order.  I have so much to learn, it's useful to me to have a lot of 
different beans around to ruin.

4) From: Michael Guterman
Sheila Quinn wrote:
Actually, I never have ordered one.  I think I will have to.  Thanks for 
the tip.

5) From: ConradArms
I've been ordering from SM for over 2 1/2 years.  I started ordering  the 
sampler pack 2 years ago.  I place approx. 7 to 10 orders a year.   With each 
order, I add a sampler pack.  When my order arrives, I get  so excited looking 
for the sampler pack to see what kinds of coffees have been  sent to me.  It's 
always a surprise and always so good.  I don't think  I would have 
ordered/tasted coffees from all over the world if it weren't for  the sampler pack.  
I just placed an order yesterday for some more "Harar Horse Green Stripe"  
(love the stuff).  This time instead of adding an 8 pack sampler, I only  
ordered the 4 pack.  I have lots of green coffee beans and decided a  smaller 
sampler would have to do at this time.  I'm planning on giving some  of my roasted 
coffee to friends and family for Christmas gifts. 
Roasting my own beans has brought me so much pleasure and joy and fun   It's 
great to have a hobby you can share with loved  

6) From: ConradArms
I was just going through my log book and realized with my first order from  
SM (over 2 1/2 years ago), I had placed an order for the 8 pack sampler  pack.  
So from the very beginning my taste buds were exposed to  the wide world of 
coffees...how lucky I  am..............Dorothy

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