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Topic: Coffee Beer Update (5 msgs / 102 lines)
1) From: Matt Henkel
To those interested:  I cracked my first Breakfast Brew today, and it's
pretty good.  I used 4oz of FC+ Kenyan Auction Lot #54 Peaberry rested 12
hours in a 2.5 gallon batch of light (Kolsch grist) wort.  There was no
hops added and the final product was both oddly scented (light cool
coffee) and unidimensional in flavor.  The next move will be to switch from a
Kolsch grist to a Belgian golden grist and add an aromatic (cardamom?)
to the secondary.  If you're interested in the recipe it's posted here:http://www.beerisbeer.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t@~/Matt

2) From: Scott Marquardt
So cool that you're trying this. Don't give up until you have something
Also, where do you live! I want beer!
On 9/22/06, Matt Henkel  wrote:

3) From: Alchemist John
How was the color with that coffee addition schedule?  I would guess 
you reached unidimensional due to the boil.  I would be more inclined 
to either add the coffee only at the last addition, and maybe a 
different bean.  How about coriander for the aromatic?
At 22:23 9/21/2006, you wrote:
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4) From: dsobcz716
I agree, corriander would add a dry lemony flavor that may complement the keyna nicely.   What was your thought behind you coffee schedule?  It reminds me of a hop schedule.  It might be worth while to boil 2oz of drip on the stove for an hour and taste it every few minutes just to see what happens to the flavors over time.

5) From: Matt Henkel
On Fri, Sep 22, 2006 at 01:00:07PM -0400, dsobcz716 wrote:
I am extremely happy with the color: it is a gorgeous
orange, SRM estimated around 7 or 8.  The coffee schedule is based on a
hop schedule and the fact that I wanted the coffee to be both the
bittering and flavoring agent.  My original plan only called for the 2oz
at start of boil and 1oz at cooling, but at 30minutes I didn't think
things were bittering enough, freaked out, and added another 1oz.  The
coffee flavor is actually quite good.  It's not the assertive "this is
coffee" flavor my roommates were expecting (hey, it's a Kenyan), but
they like it.  When I was saying the flavor is unidimensional I don't
actually mean the coffee flavor, that's actually quite nice and has
several levels.  What I mean is that there's no malt coming through, and
the body is limp.  I think I will play with coffee additions right on
the stove before going to do my next batch; I might want to move some of
the bittering addition to the flavoring.
As for aroma:  I'm afraid of adding coriander because the lemony effect
of the Kenyan is already quite high.  I'm actually starting to consider dry
hopping the secondary with a darker more traditionally coffee scented
bean, probably an Indonesian.

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