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Topic: What good is the SCAA?> RE: +participate in roasting profile experiment (5 msgs / 123 lines)
1) From: miKe mcKoffee
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	Has anyone experienced better coffee from an SCAA member store or
shop than we already get daily?
	I have yet to be wowed, except at Hines Public Market, and that
because of an incredible Barista, not because of an SCAA membership.
	Hope they sell lots of memberships and post their decals where
everone can see them.  Oh, is Folger's a member?
I get virtually all my coffee from a shop that is a Specialty Coffee
Association of America Business Member. Oh, this List is hosted by same said
SCAA Member. Said shop's SCAA "decal" is at the bottom of their web
Would the Specialty Coffee Industry as a whole be where it is today without
the influence of the SCAA? Maybe yes maybe no but I doubt it. Since 1982 the
SCAA has provided a focused resource for like minded quality conscience
coffee professionals to grow their craft and advance specialy coffee quality
and awareness. The SCAA does not focus on home roasitng but the SCAA's
mission is not at odds with home roasting IMO. "...The SCAA's mission is to
be the recognized authority on specialty coffee, providing a common forum
for the development and promotion of coffee excellence and sustainability.
The SCAA's dedication to excellence in coffee is realized through the
setting of quality standards for the industry; conducting research on
coffee, equipment and perfection of craft; and providing education,
training, resources and business services for members..." The SCAA created
the cMember category in response to interest expressed by quality conscience
consumers who wanted a more affordable way to participate in the SCAA.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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2) From: Brett Mason
OK point taken, and I humbly repent.  .... but ... Did Tom start with SCAA
and then move into home roasting to follow what he learned, or was it the
other way around?
I also buy from Sweet Maria's.  But the decal has not really affected my
purchase much.
Ken Davids is also a member of SCAA, right?
On 9/25/06, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:

3) From: Brett Mason
Ken Davids is the center of the coffee industry, heads the SCAA cupping
Board, and regularly show's he is less of an expert and more of a writer -
"author" Tom called him.  The same approach seems to flow from SCAA's
corporate bent and sponsorship.
Sweet Maria's is exquisite, and untouched by competitors.
I don't believe SCAA understands either "Specialty" or "Coffee", but is
rather a trade organization for people selling average coffee.
...but you already knew I was opinionated...
On 9/25/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

4) From: Les
What Brett says may be true, but they at least have set a bar!  I am
glad they are around.
On 9/25/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

5) From: Steve Hay
On 9/25/06, Les  wrote:
I think they may become obviated if they are not careful.  I agree with Mike
and Les that they probably have done some good things for the industry.  But
in the famous words of Eddie Murphy, "What have you done for me lately?"
The coffee industry is still changing rapidly and the trends I hear about
lately towards cutting unnecessary fat between the farmer and the final
cup.  Setting a bar is only a beginning.
That said, I am glad that they are around.  However, I sometimes wonder if
someone else will come along and do a better job and replace them.
Steven Hay
hay.steve -AT- gmail.com
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