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Topic: looking for cupping experience (5 msgs / 78 lines)
1) From: Jeffrey Pawlan
We have had several Bay area homeroaster events and also with a bit of travel,
the Pacific Northwest Gatherings. So there have been lots of opportunities here
on the West Coast to get together and see what each other tastes. At my
gathering, we did use cupping forms. There was nothing formal about it; we just
did the best we could and people kept their own forms.
I took cupping and Roasting classes from the SCAA at the last two annual
conferences. It was not very expensive as you are misleading people to believe.
I am not a certified cupper and I don't know what remaining classes I would
need. I am not as good as a pro who does this for a living and does it every
day. It is both fun and also challenging to be sitting next to one of these pro
cuppers and find that I cannot discern as well as they.
Rather than just complaining about feeling isolated or the cost, arrange your
own cuppings in your area with homeroasters and ask some of the local
roasters if they will assist. Many will.

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Well said Jeffrey!

3) From: Scott Marquardt
There's been a lot of whining about the SCAA from others; my gripe is that
SCAA membership is necessary for guild membership. I don't think it's
misleading to call that expensive. It might be misleading if folks with a
lot of money to toss around imagine that I'm being disingenuous, but I
assure you that for me, it's expensive and I'm being sincere.
Obviously YMMV.
- S
On 9/26/06, Jeffrey Pawlan  wrote:

4) From: Justin Marquez
On 9/26/06, Scott Marquardt  wrote:
Scott - How much money would it cost to position one's self to be able
to take those classes?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

5) From: Scott Marquardt
Well nuts, now that you ask I can't find some correspondence from several
weeks back that basically put me in this funk in the first place. It was the
midwest convention in Minnesota, and the class at issue would have been
impossible for me to attend, since the cost would have involved SCAA
membership, guild membership, conference attendance, and class registration.
Yes, I realize one good objection to my whine about all this: "Why, you're
just chaffing under the aggregate effect of incurring all of this expense in
one fell swoop."
Darned right!
- Scott
On 9/27/06, Justin Marquez  wrote:

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