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1) From: Chad Fry
Does anyone have a spouse who doesn't like coffee. It is absolute 
torture to get a good cup and want to share it with her but then... oh 
yeah she doesn't like it. I still always ask ;-) None of it, well except 
the frapps at *$ with no coffee added!  I would like to include her in 
my journey as much as possible. Any thoughts? She does like tea.
Anyone else near my side of town? Running Springs, Southern CA.

2) From: Fletcher D Walters
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I feel your pain. Take comfort from the fact that you only have to buy half as much green beans. I do.

3) From: Leo Zick
my wife loves tea, drinks 3-5 cups/day!
she will sometimes have a shot with me, most times, when she will  
drink it, is a capp though.  i feel your pain..
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4) From: Eddie Dove
In the past, my wife would only drink coffee on a very rare occasion and it
had to be full of sweetner and flavored creamer.  Since I started home
roasting, she now expects that I have coffee for her.  She truly enjoys it
and has gotten rid of all of the flavored creamers.  I started getting her
involved by " ... the description says roasted peanutty ... taste this an
tell me if you can taste that flavor ... you don't have to drink it, I just
need to know ..."  My wife loves the home roast and even asks if I'm going
to make some of the decaf in the evenings.
On 9/25/06, Chad Fry  wrote:

5) From: Sheila Quinn
I'm in Murrieta - is that anywhere near you?
My husband likes coffee, but he doesn't care about the quality. Even 
Folgers is fine with him - how sad!
Chad Fry wrote:

6) From: john
my wife doesn't care for coffee either... loves the smell of fresh beans, 
but doesn't like to drink it.  however, she REALLY likes hot chocolate made 
with steamed milk from the Silvia.  at least at that point she's standing 
next to the coffee equipment... and seems to look interested.  you might 
start there.

7) From: Myron J
Well, if she lets you take the journey on your own..ENJOY IT!
My roaster is outside..(OK, that's quite normal)
My espresso machine is...outside!
Doors must be closed..lest the "smell" (sic!!!) invade our home.
If a bean is found on the floor..it is immediately treated like some kinda 
spider, or hairy creature....
So...if she tolerates good aroma...you have already won half the battle.
Myron Joshua
Kibbutz Kfar Etzion
+972-(0)2-9935 178

8) From: Bob Brashear
Chad Fry wrote:
Mine will have a sip, pronounce it good and then commence to dump sugar 
and milk into it. I can't bear to watch.

9) From: Eddie Dove
LOL!!!  That makes two of us!!!
On 9/26/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

10) From: Barry Luterman
Probably not an answer. But my wife likes tea. She says the tea is so much 
better when it is brewed from the water off the espresso machine.

11) From: David Morgenlender
Same problem.  The other day I had my first Harar Decaf ... so good & =
decaf ...
I thought this was my best chance to get her hooked.  She was about to =
sip, and
I thought FINALLY.  Then she said she couldn't stand the smell of coffee =
(& that
smelled so gooood!) ... she wouldn't try it.  Arghhh.
She says she just won't try any coffee product ... funny how my chocolate
covered espresso beans keep disappearing!  :)
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Dave Morgenlender
e-mail: dmorgen

12) From: Chad Fry
Maybe I will make a few of those for myself when the outside temp hits 
32deg and we just get in from a play in the snow. She will smell that 
coming from the coffee room and hunt me down for sure.  I know she will 
be hooked, she loves hot choc. Thanks!
On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 10:29am, john wrote:

13) From: Eddie Dove
Amazing!  The Harar Decaf is one of the ones that got my wife to actually
try it ... the aroma was just so seductive that she couldn't resist it!
On 9/26/06, David Morgenlender  wrote:

14) From: cja
Maybe I will make a few of those for myself when the outside temp hits 
32deg and we just get in from a play in the snow. She will smell that 
coming from the coffee room and hunt me down for sure.  I know she will 
be hooked, she loves hot choc. Thanks!
On Tue, 26 Sep 2006 10:29am, john wrote:

15) From: Frank Parth
This is not a problem with my significant other. We both drink coffee, she more than me. Since I've discovered 
thatlighter-roasted beans have more caffeine than dark-roasted, one mug in the morning is enough for me. She gets to 
drink therest of the coffee out of the French press.
Running Springs is a pretty area. When I was growing up my uncle had a cabin in Blue Jay, just above the ice rink. 
There were a lot of good times we had there as kids in the '50's. Now I'm down in south OC and don't make it out that 
way much except passing through to Palm Springs.
Frank Parth

16) From: Walter R. Basil
On Mon, 25 Sep 2006 14:59:19, Chad Fry  wrote:
Has she at least tried it? Hopefully she has tasted the difference  
between store bought and home roasted and *then* decided she didn't  
like coffee. When my wife and I got together, her extent of coffee  
was a container of some brand that even I would never drink as a  
religious MH or Folgers consumer. She had that canister of coffee for  
over a year by that point. Seems to me it was a yellow container with  
brown or red letters. Anyways,  she started drinking my coffee and  
has enjoyed it ever since.
She makes fun of the "trouble" I go through to get a decent cup of  
coffee, but doesn't mind drinking it herself. She does dope it with  
creamer and Sweet & Low. My insides scream...
Walter R Basil

17) From: Aaron
Ya could always get rid of the wife and get one who does like coffee....
just a thought :)

18) From: Dan Kellgren
Hey Chad - my wife is NOT a coffee drinker either.  Won't even entertain
it.  She'll drink the sweet fake flavored stuff, but won't touch a sip of
Classic Mandheling or even a drop of Lot 30.  Imagine that!!  She also
doesn't drink any alcohol.  Wonder if there is a connection there?
On a good note, she's fully committed to my craft, so that's not an issue.
Unless of course I try to roast in her kitchen and fill the house with smoke
and chaff... then it's a major issue!  LOL
Dan K
On 9/26/06, Frank Parth  wrote:

19) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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Yuppers Mine doesn't drink Coffee at all but I use her nose to help
describe the smells every time I roast.
But hey the upside is that I don't have to worry when I get near the end
of a coffee if it will be there when I get home!....
She is VERY Supportive of my coffee addiction and I hope to get her to
enjoy coffee one day.
FC1(SW) Dennis W. True
CS Dept CC
Duty Sec 1 CS E6 S/L
CS Dept Mentorship Coordinator
"Life Liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it..."

20) From: Brett Mason
A true fanatic is not content with his own passion - he must enlist others,
particularly those close to him.
I'm proud to be named among you!
On 9/27/06, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)  wrote:

21) From: Alchemist John
Right there with you Chad. My spouse HATES coffee.  But she is who 
bought me my first roaster and beans from SM.
Mostly I have found it is a solitary journey in this case.  Just 
enjoy it.  Mine also likes tea, but it is just not the same.
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John Nanci
AlChemist at large
Zen Roasting , Blending & Espresso pulling by Gestalthttp://www.chocolatealchemy.com/

22) From: Scott Petersen
On Mon, Sep 25, 2006 at 02:59:19PM -0700, Chad Fry wrote:
I also am the sole coffee drinker in our household at the moment. My
wife loves the smell but really hasn't liked the flavour of the coffee
itself. She will occasionally take a sip of a particularly good cup and
say she likes it but that's it. 
However, I had been doing some reading about coffee in the last few
weeks. (Okay every spare moment has been spent reading all the coffee
sites, reviews, this list, Barista championship descriptions etc. etc.
etc.) I found that one of the best coffee shops is right here in my back
yard.  Caffe Artigiano is right here in Vancouver. Granted I live in a
suburb at least 30 minutes away but still. So this last saturday, we
went down there to see what it was like. I had my very first ristretto,
which was a double.  (Forgot to ask what blend they were using.) My wife
tried a tall latte and my 14 yo daughter tried a tall Mocha. Everybody
loved it. My wife went so far as to order a double ristretto of her own
after trying mine. My second cup was a Brazil Fazenda Monte Vista (#11
COE) from their Clover machine. This was, by far, the best cup of coffee
I had ever had. My wife tried it and declared that she really liked it.
She went on to say that she had always thought of herself as a
non-coffee drinker but she realized that she was just a non-good-coffee
I have only been homeroasting for about 5 months so I have a long way to
go. I still, primarily, brew in a flat bottom drip coffee machine that
only seems to reach about 190 degrees. The coffee is still WAY better
than anything I have had before but not nearly as good as what was
available at Artigiano. I have a Kitchen Aid burr grinder (not the pro
model) that does a decent job but I figure my next upgrade will be
either a Mazzer Mini or a Technivorm. Either one will have to wait for
Christmas or later as they are a bit pricey. :-) Eventually I want to
get a good Espresso machine but that will take even longer as I want to
buy once and not have to upgrade again. (Quick Mill Vetrano, pretty
please) My current espresso machine just doesn't make the grade.  It is
a consumer grade plastic pump machine but the hottest I can get the
water out of the group is 187 degrees.
This is much longer than I initially intended so I will end there. 
Scott Petersen 
New Westminster, BC

23) From: raymanowen
My lovin' Celtic Critic wife was not even opposed when I seriously
considered dropping over $4K on the Mahlkonig grinder- "Just don't be
trading for new wheels this year, hon." Suffice it to say I had not looked
on the 'Bay at all. Finally got an excellent Mazzer that has even more range
than the Mahlkonig.
It is she that had to endure "Floor Coffee" up at the Sick Emporium where
she played Nightingale while I was struggling with difficult equations.
Thirty years ago when I first roasted some Kenya AA from Bill Boyer in the
Aroma Roast, I was nonplussed with trying to roast a couple of ounces
invisibly in the little roaster. Many people liked the Kenya AA I roasted,
but I had no idea just what I was doing. So, what else is new?
Advance Token a few decades-  my roasting and brewing errors were solved
when I read about "Green Coffee" on SM's site, courtesy of a Google search.
Then I realized how intensely my Love despised most coffee- my roasting/
brewing didn't get an automatic nod-
"Think you're done, Ray? There's a lot of room for improvement here. Keep
Think I wanted to try espresso brewing? Not! Especially after my very first
shot in 1997. How could people want that stuff? I knew I was crude and
unrefined, but Egad- too bad espresso tastes like .
I thought I'd save the money, until I realized there were too many folks on
this list raving about their superb espresso shots to ignore.
More to learn. My Celtic Critic keeps me humble.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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