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Topic: HG/DB vs. Whirley Popper (8 msgs / 162 lines)
1) From: cja
I have noticed a lot of people on this list do hgdb and very few do 
whirley pop. I was wondering why that is. Here is what I came up with.
1. Visibility of beans is better
2. Don't need a gas burner outside
3. No mechanisms to break
It isn't cheaper or less physical. I'm curious if you get a better roast 
with hgdb. I have a heat gun but no dog bowl. Will I lose any of the 
effect if I do HG/WP (whirley pop)?

2) From: Brett Mason
Hi Chad,
Postings on the list go in waves - there are plenty of HGDB people, but also
Whirley-Pop people.  Your comparison of methods is interesting, and looks
similar to what I came to, along the coffee route I have taken to date...  I
am certain some of the Whirley-Pop People can list the pro's of why they use
Whirley-Pop too...
I go between skillet roast, drum roast and popper.  Right now the BBQ is
asking for another propane refill and I just haven't gotten it done - so
small popper loads are meeting our minimums...
HGDB never did it for me, though I am on my second heat gun.  DOES make a
nice accessory for skillet roasting thouogh...
On 9/29/06, cja  wrote:

3) From: Vicki Smith
I've taken the bread machine-heat gun road, a method I never would have 
tried without reading about both the skillet roast and HG/DB routes. I 
still use my IR2, but I am so enthralled by my bread machine roasts that 
I have actually arranged a way to continue the bread machine shtick over 
the winter at another location.
Brett Mason wrote:

4) From: Tom Ulmer
My opinion is that it comes down to a preference of thermal transfer and
whether one enjoys the flavor component the roasting smoke adds.
I believe air roasting is lacking in its abilities to meet my flavor
expectations and prefer a Whirly Pop or solid drum for roasting.

5) From: Brian Kamnetz
How much do you roast in one batch? (I"m assuming the size of the
batch is limited by the size of the bowl in the bread machine...???)
On 9/29/06, Vicki Smith  wrote:

6) From: Vicki Smith
I generally roast 12 ounces at a time, mainly because with two coffee 
drinkers, that is sufficient. I have roasted 2X as much as that of beans 
that I like at city+. The real limitation is the amount of time the 
"knead" function operates, unless one wants to go into the guts and mess 
with the timer.
My old, old, Sunbeam will knead for 22 minutes on the dough cycle. This 
morning I did 12 ounces of Moka Kadir to FC+/Vienna. I used the heat gun 
on high until first crack was really established, about 8-9 minutes in, 
then switched to the lower heat for about 6 minutes, and then finally 
back to high heat to finish the roast. That gives me a 16-17 minute 
roast, which seems just great for the MK.
It took me a too fast or too slow roast or so to figure out is how far 
away from the beans to have the HG.
Brian Kamnetz wrote:

7) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks, Vicki, 12 oz is certainly a good-sized roast.
On 9/29/06, Vicki Smith  wrote:

8) From: Brett Mason
I think 2.5lb is certainly a good sized roast...  see picture on main page
of my website...
I am using a popper this week, and I have to go back every day and do
Bretthttp://homeroast.freeservers.comOn 9/29/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

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