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Topic: Late season Gesha???? (6 msgs / 88 lines)
1) From: Don Harris
A late season Gesha was mentioned on the Geek podcast - any info on
its availability?

2) From: Les
Snooze you miss out!  It has come and gone.
On 9/30/06, Don Harris  wrote:

3) From: Don Harris
Are you sure? I got two pounds in August but the podcast was on 9/20
or there abouts and I have been to Sweet Maria's several times a day
to check on inventory. Tom had mentioned having ten more bags. It must
be my etch-a-sketch mind, if I shake my head too hard I forget
On 9/30/06, Les  wrote:

4) From: Jeff Sheltren
Yeah, I heard the same thing on the coffeegeek podcast which I'm  
pretty sure was recorded after SM had sold out of Gesha, so it seems  
to me like Tom was saying there will be more...
On Sep 30, 2006, at 2:36 PM, Don Harris wrote:

5) From: Les
I think that 2 pound offering was the last  I have heard of.  There are a
couple of other farms that have some Gesha, but I am not sure of the
quality.  Last year we got two Geshas from Tom.  Here is the history of
Gesha offerings thus far, from most recent to most distant.
Hacienda La Esmeralda Gesha  2 pound limit
Hacienda La Esmeralda Gesha CoE (part of the tri-pack) 1 pound limit
Last year
Don Pachi Gesha 2 pound limit
Jaramillo Gesha Blue 2 pound limit if you got in early then reduced to one
pound.  It sold out before Tom even did a write-up.
So it sure would be cool if Tom could get some Don Pachi or Jaramillo!  I'll
be roasting the last of my Don Pachi tonight.
On 9/30/06, Jeff Sheltren  wrote:

6) From: Steve Hay
   *9/15:* There was a mention in House & Garden of our business and the
   *Panama Gesha* coffee - we sold out all of this a few weeks ago. Here
   is a *link to the
   We will post something if we are able to get more before next season.
   *- Maria*
On 9/30/06, Jeff Sheltren  wrote:
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