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1) From: miKe mcKoffee
Googling (or other search engine) "HG/DB" will yield your answer ...http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q%2FDB&btnG=Google+Search<Snip>

2) From: Wendy Sarrett
miKe mcKoffee wrote:
I saw the video and that was interesting. He seemed to get good results 
using very simple equipment and the technique didn't appear especially 
complex (but it's hard to tell until you do it.)

3) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 9/30/06, Wendy Sarrett  wrote:
That is pretty much it. I like to keep an eye on the timer and move
the heat gun closer to or farther from the beans so that they are
turning yellow at about 1-2 mins, then tan in another minute or so,
then brown in another minute or so, and hit first crack around 7-8
mins, and hit the first outliers of second around 9-10 mins. That part
is pretty simple; the craft part, learning how to manipulate the roast
to bring out the sweet spot of each type of bean (and of course the
rest for that bean at that roast, and optimum extraction methodology
for your extraction medium, etc), requires lots of experimentation and
so takes a lot longer, possible forever....

4) From: Wendy Sarrett
I have to agree with you...even "experts" are always tweaking their 
techniques of roasting, extraction, etc.
Brian Kamnetz wrote:

5) From: raymanowen
"...even "experts" are always tweaking their techniques of roasting,
extraction, etc."
While employees do it the same way every time, changing nothing. And the
equipment becomes seasoned.
Egad! If this ersatz roaster claims the Celtic Critic's Kitchen Aid mixer
bowl is "Getting Seasoned," things will begin to happen.
"Oh, yeah? Hear that ringing sound, feel that lump on yer head? My bowl's
getting seasoned, Huh? And I'm getting even- Wanna play?"
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
If it scrubs right off with soap and water, it's... Schmutzig!
If it takes more time and stronger soap, it's... Sehr Schmutzig!!
On 9/30/06, Wendy Sarrett  wrote:
"When the theme hits the bass, I dance the Jig!" - -Virgil Fox at the Mighty
Wichita (ex- NYC Paramount) WurliTzer- 1976

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