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1) From: STP
Does anyone have an iRoast roast curve they would suggest to help hit
the sweet spot of Nicaraguan Lemoncello?  I'd love to hear results
anyone has had with this bean. Practice makes perfect...or at least

2) From: Aaron
Well, each I roast is a bit different it seems but a general curve I use 
that has worked well is.
By setting, not actual temp.
375 to 380 Deg F. for 3 minutes
400 to 405 Deg F. for 3 minutes
425 to 430 Deg F. set for 5 minutes, hit the cool button when the beans 
look / smell / sound ready to come out.
normally I cut it out at around the 1.5 to 2 minute mark for an 8 minute 
total roast at most.
If it's cooler in the house, or your I roast is one of those that are 
said to not come up to temp good enough, use the higher of the numbers.
If you program in the 3-3-5   you will have 11 minutes total...
it will kick into second stage at 8 minutes showing
it will kick into final stage at 5 minutes showing
I usually push the cool when there is between 4 and 3 minutes remaining 
on the timer.
I have found that first crack usually starts around the last 30 seconds 
or so of the second stage but really kicks into hi gear when you hit the 
beginning of the final roast stage.  It's like it sits there waiting for 
3rd stage then really takes off for you.
This I call my 'General Purpose' roast and so far it has not gone wrong 
for me.
Hope this works.

3) From: Vicki Smith
The more I use iRoast2, the more I am convinced that the variability 
between machines makes the sharing of profiles not quite as handy as you 
would think it would be.
I do find it helpful to know if a slower or faster roast works well, and 
where, in terms of second crack, it is best to stop the roast.
Aaron wrote:

4) From: Larry Schwarz
I use the IR2 also.
Out of curiousity, my roast times are 6:30 to no longer than 9min, depending
on beans and whether I have a 112gm or 154gm batch size.
I think my roasts develop too quickly and lack something.
What do you experience?

5) From: Vicki Smith
This is where the variation between machines comes in, I think.
I am currently (yup, even as I type :) )enjoying Brazil Carmen de Minas 
that I stopped with 1 minute 15 seconds to go using preset 2 (which 
would make it a 10 minute, 15 second roast). Second crack was just 
beginning, and I would call the roast full city (not a drop of oil on 
the beans). Roast size was 135 grams.
I routinely can get go all the way through preset 2, if I am roasting to 
FC+ or Vienna (as I do for the SM Moka Kadir blend).
This was not true for my earlier IR2, which always finished up by 9.5 
minutes it seems. My standard batch sizes are 100 (decaf) or 130ish or 
I think I get better/more complex roasts (in general) from my bread 
machine/heat gun, but I am still pleased with what I get from the IR2.
Larry Schwarz wrote:

6) From: Dave McCracken
On Wednesday 04 October 2006 10:51 pm, Larry Schwarz wrote:
I had a similar problem with my IR2.  While the bean appeared nicely roasted, 
the flavor was mostly bright and seemed to lack some body.
I dug through the list archives for some profile recommendations and found a 
discussion that recommends backing off the roast after 1st crack and 
basically letting it bake for a couple of minutes.  I've seen list references 
with other roasting methods of extending that inter-crack time.
After some experimenting this is the profile I've come up with:
1 5:00
2 2:00
3 1:00
4 2:00
5 2:00
This profile has given me much more body in the cup, though at the expense of 
some of the brightness.  Be aware that the original I worked from had a lower 
temperature in stage 4 and produced beans that tasted a bit baked.  You'll 
need to tune this to your own IR2. YMMV.
I hope this helps.
Dave McCracken

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