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1) From: Alchemist John
OK, who finds this as funny as I do?  How many businesses put 
something for sale and hope no one will notice?  Just another 
indicator that SM is not your normal business (they are WAY above the bar)
John Nanci
AlChemist at large
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2) From: George Birchard
What other business legally panders to addcits!
Alchemist John wrote:

3) From: Derek Bradford
Umm... Tobacco?  (Sorry, couldn't resist.)
On 10/6/06, George Birchard  wrote:
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4) From: Brett Mason
Derek you're right, Tobacco does...
On the other hand we don't have as big a problem with second-hand coffee...
On 10/6/06, Derek Bradford  wrote:

5) From: Lynne
I think that all of our coffee-loving neighbors would disagree 
(whenever we roast outdoors, or leave the window open)!
It's like the time my ex-boyfriend was cooking chicken cutlets one day =
in the summer. He heard a neighbor shouting outside: "Joe, you 
sonofa##ch... that smell is driving me CRAZY..."
Needless to say, he invited him in for a taste.
On Oct 6, 2006, at 10:57 AM, Brett Mason wrote:

6) From: Derek Bradford
No, our problems are limited to second-rate coffee.  Things could
definately be worse.
On 10/6/06, Brett Mason  wrote:
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7) From: Les
You don't have to walk by the coffee cart at the hospital I work at!
The smell of the stale coffee being pressure extracted almost sends me
to the bathroom every time!
On 10/6/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

8) From: Gregg Talton
Les, I know what you mean.  The neurosurgeons buy the coffee for our floor
and it's supposedly "upgraded" to a better stale bag of pre-ground
coffee. They may be brain surgeons but they don't know coffee.  I'm working
tomorrow and since Saturdays are usually slow I'm taking a kettle,  press
and a couple of pour overs. Maybe I should take it to patients with their
9am meds...
On 10/6/06, Les  wrote:

9) From: Sheila Quinn
It can't be any worse than the Wolfgang Puke's coffee they serve at my
husband's office. That stuff is at least ten times worse than Folgers.
Wolfgang should be ashamed to have his name on that crap! He may know food,
but he sure doesn't know coffee.
On 10/6/06, Gregg Talton  wrote:

10) From: raymanowen
Here's a clue-
Have you been reading Tom's coffee anthologies?
There are some farms that do such an outstanding job on a particular crop,
he buys it all. How many times will he be able to do that, and have a good
lot of it remain unsold?
Then, You-Know-Who takes it off his hands and SM takes a financial hit.
On 10/6/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:
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