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Topic: changed to a different blog software (11 msgs / 249 lines)
1) From: Walter R. Basil
It looks good Tom. Wordpress is a nice blogging tool. I started out  
using it, and my original wordpress blog is still linked to from my  
main blog page. There are plenty of front end applications that you  
can use to maintain your local database of all articles,  and it will  
feed your mysql database for viewing through it's dynamic web pages.  
I used a program called ecto for mine (because it was cross  
platform). Very easy to maintain and you can set up it's own email  
addy so while you're cupping in Hawaii you can zoom off an email and  
it will automatically post it as a new article for you. There are  
many themes you can use with it as well. Click of a button let's you  
change the way your entire blog site looks without changing any of  
your content.
The down side is be prepared for much spam if you allow commenting,  
and even if you don't a couple still makes it through somehow. It was  
turning into a full time job for me so I eventually turned commenting  
off completely.
On Thu, 5 Oct 2006 19:01:19, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee  
Walter R Basil

2) From: Bill and Tricia Ballad
Tom - another thing to be aware of with Wordpress:  It has a couple of
glaring security holes in it that can be exploited if you don't close them.
My husband is an internet security expert - he's got some articles that go
into what you need to do to secure Wordpress.  If you'd like I'll have him
email them to you (or post to the list if everyone else is interested too).
Tricia Ballad

3) From: Dan Bollinger
Spammers are a big nuisance on blogs and I have comments turned off on both of 
my WP sites.  You want to make sure Askimet is enabled to help with spam. WP has 
an email feature, too. Like you say for Ecto, you can add a new post via email. 
Of course, you can add one from any internet connected computer in the world 
just by logging into the Admin section, too.  Dan

4) From: Dan Bollinger
Tricia,  Weren't these issues resolved with WP 2.02?    Dan

5) From: Bill and Tricia Ballad
Possibly - although I don't think so.  We run a web hosting company, and had
a security breach recently that was caused by an exploit in a Wordpress
blog, which we installed less than 2 months ago.  Honestly, security isn't
my area of the business so I pretty much take his word for it if he says
there's a security issue.

6) From: Walter R. Basil
Also, anyone visiting that site with an adept browser, and uses that  
browser for that purpose will notice the RSS notification appear in  
whatever form their browser alerts them to the presence of the feed.  
No need for the link.
In Safari, this is in right-hand side of the the URL bar in big blue  
letters (RSS). It just appears there automatically. Click on the blue  
RSS to view the feeds, then bookmark it if you want it.
OmniWeb's will appear on the lower right of the window in the form of  
a newspaper icon with a plus sign (+) on it. Click on it to add it to  
your RSS bookmarks.
Firefox will show you the RSS icon (orange background with the white  
lines) in the right-hand area of the URL bar. Click on it to add the  
feed to your bookmarks.
Having the link there will allow people who use a dedicated reader  
(other than their browser) to click on that link via their browser  
and have their browser hand off the task of viewing the feed to that  
dedicated reader.
On Oct 6, 2006, at 9:01 AM, "Dan Bollinger"  
Walter R Basil

7) From: Captain CowPie
Another option that may have been discussed is using a site like www.rssfwd=
.com to have the feeds sent to you via email. I use this option for all of =
my feeds so that I can easily save them and place them into my time managem=
ent system.

8) From: Walter R. Basil
Yeah, I should have mentioned third party plug-ins for WP are  
available as well. Thanks Dan. I started out with authenticated  
logins only, and that worked for some time. Then when my blog started  
gaining more attention because of c|net quoting my blog, there was a  
huge spike in spam. One night I had over 100 entries of pure Grade A  
spam waiting my approval. :-( So I turned commenting completely off.  
After that, one would actually make it in enough to trigger WP to  
email me telling me that one was waiting approval. Even though I had  
commenting turned off by that point. Most were from gambling, the  
rest porno sites.
On Fri, 6 Oct 2006 09:34:05, "Dan Bollinger"  
Walter R Basil

9) From: Dan Bollinger
Right!  Autodetect feature.  I have been using RSS/XML for five years as one way 
I distribute press releases as a syndicated newsfeed for nonprofits I work with, 
www.icgi.org  , www.genitalintegrity.net/blouch  Using WP makes life much 
simpler for me, I don't have to hand write XML and then FTP it to the server.
Blogs are nothing more than personal opinion newsfeeds.

10) From: Dan Bollinger
Neat!  I'll pass this one onto my group.  Dan

11) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Thanks everyone for the comments. I did read that security is shored 
up with this version of WP, but will read up on that too. I did turn 
on the spam filter, but I will watch it to see how it goes. As a 
newbie with this, I definitely appreciate the comments from those 
with experience. I want to use commenting to creat real follow-up 
discussions if a subject warrants it ... coffee announcements don't 
really, but I plan to use this for more in-depth commentary too. 
Anyway, it can't be much worse than some of the the things we 
currently use, such as the Mailman admin for this list! Some things 
are worth it though, and if I have to deal with some manual spam 
filtering to enable some discussion, it is worth it, IMHO. We shall 
see how it goes... Thanks again everyone
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