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Topic: SM street storefront? (6 msgs / 120 lines)
1) From: Sharon Allsup
I'm going to be at a wedding in Pleasanton next week with a few hours
to spend playing tourist in Oakland/SF/etc.  Does Sweet Maria's have a
walk-in storefront type deal?  I've been giving out samples of
homeroast to family members for years, and a couple have expressed an
interest in coming along if I do visit "that place I buy the beans

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
No storefront, it's more a warehouse style building/operation supporting
their internet based business model. They do allow and welcome visitors and
pick-up orders. (preferably ordered in advance) If wanting to bring a small
group for a "tour" I'd email them first and ask. Maybe find out Tom's roast
schedule, might be a cool time to visit and see Tom and his Probat L12 in
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3) From:
No actual storefront but Tom and Maria always welcome list members. If you are unsure about best times etc just email Maria...
---- Sharon Allsup  wrote: 

4) From: Tim Wat
pchforever wrote:
I just picked up my last order about three weeks ago.  Was my first 
visit to the physical location.  SM is in a somewhat rougher 
neighborhood in Oaktown, but the gal who helped me with my order was 
very, very sweet and helpful.  Don't expect a "retail outlet" or 
storefront - you're visiting a warehouse/shipping facility.  Didn't get 
a chance to meet either Tom or Maria, but since I work in P-town and 
live in Concord, was much easier than waiting for UPS to show up. 

5) From: Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Please ask if I am around, especially if you have any coffee ?s or 
comments ... I am upstairs or nearby, usually - Maria is usually in 
the front room there of the "office". There's a yellow loading zone 
out front you can park in. it's really not bad around here . there's 
some areas within 10 blocks of here that aren't good places to be at 
times, that is, saturday 1 am! we're actually worried that in a few 
years it will become too fancy. the problem in west oakland is large 
manufacturing lots that, in order to redevelop them, take large 
projects. now that the oakland army base is changing over to 
city/county land for redevelopment, this whole are is going to change 
dramatically. they have talked about putting the new A's stadium in 
west oakland but I don't think that will happen.
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6) From: Sharon Allsup
Way cool, thanks!
I'm going to place an order to hold-for-pickup just to give me an
excuse to swing by Thursday afternoon or Friday :)
On 10/9/06, Tom & Maria - Sweet Maria's Coffee
Saturday-at-1-am I figure on being back in the hotel hopefully asleep.
 Us old fogies can't party the night away in petty crime like you
yunguns can.
we're actually worried that in a few
I wonder what the economic impact would be of moving a bunch of
businesses like yours that have located there in order to be near the
Thanks again-

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