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1) From: Walter R. Basil
My last order (in the subject line) has just rested enough to use for  
espresso tonight. What an excellent cup. Roasted to Full City, full  
quarter inch of crema. This morning I had it in my Bunn. A very clean  
cup of coffee. IIRC, the last time I had some of this was either the  
end of last year or the beginning of this year - right when I was  
learning to roast, so it wasn't this good. ;-)
Since receiving my new spresso machine, I went through my stash  
looking for a good candidate. I came across the Brazil Fazenda Brauna  
Peaberry. Tom lists it at a "sweet espresso," so I roasted it to City 
+. Tomorrow night will be over 48 hours of rest for it.
This was a 4-day weekend for me. Getting the machine on Saturday, I  
have gone through 4 reservoirs (40 oz. ea.) so I think it's well  
Walter R Basil

2) From: Vicki Smith
How long did you rest the Oaxaca? I just roasted it for the first time 
this afternoon. I got a pound in the last sampler pack I ordered. I 
followed Tom's recommendation for his favourite roast level for this 
bean, and stopped it right after 1st crack completely ended.
Walter R. Basil wrote:

3) From: Blake D. Ratliff
I just recently finished up some Oaxaca.  It is a delicious coffee and one 
that I will seek again.  I agree with Tom's notes on the flavor profile of 
this coffee just after the first crack and it is delicious.  However I 
personally prefered it at FC.  In fact if I get another pound or two of this 
stuff I will probably roast all of it at FC.

4) From: Vicki Smith
Urmmm, how long did you rest it?
Blake D. Ratliff wrote:

5) From: scott miller
The Oaxacans I tasted this year were some of my favorite Central Americans;
one of the best things I did for drip brewing was a melange blend of City
and Full City beans... best of both roasts in a single cup!
On 10/9/06, Blake D. Ratliff  wrote:

6) From: Blake D. Ratliff
About 20 hours at first and it was terrific.  About 3 days later it was even 
better.  Unfortunately I only had a half pound as it was part of a sample 
pack and it was gone on the third day.  Being new at this I am having 
trouble resisting the temptation to drink the coffee too soon.  The Timor I 
roasted was gone within two days.  Fixed some Timor for my Mom while she 
visited about 6 hours after she watched me roast it and she absolutely raved 
about it.  I think she though I was getting obsessed when she found out I 
was roasting coffee.  The Timor peaberry is also on my buy again list.

7) From: Blake D. Ratliff
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That is a great idea.  I will try that with my next Oaxaca.

8) From: Walter R. Basil
I let it rest for 2 days.
On Oct 9, 2006, at 11:02 PM, Vicki Smith  wrote:
Walter R Basil

9) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
Good choice on the Timor it is in my constant buy list one of my top 10!
Still in the middle of the Atlantic, but closer to the Azores now!
FC1(SW) Dennis W. True
CS Dept CC
Duty Sec 1 CS E6 S/L
CS Dept Mentorship Coordinator
DCTT Repair locker 1F
"Life Liberty and the pursuit of all who threaten it..."

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