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Topic: Choosing a Grinder (13 msgs / 226 lines)
1) From: cja
I'm very sorry but someone asked me to send them info on the thread 
about choosing a grinder but I accidentally deleted the email and it is 
gone. One way to look at past threads is via the archive. Click the 
month and then search the page for key words... Grinder, rocky, etc.
Hope this helps (and reaches you),

2) From: John Nanavati
thanks. i'll do that. can you tell me what date range the discussion was in?
happy day,
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3) From: Brett Mason
Search for the emails titled:
  *How important is a good grinder for non-espresso*
There were 64 emails in that thread.
Have you GMAIL for your inbox on this list?  You can search as far back as
you like, quickly, get to it from anywhere, and it's free?
On 10/10/06, John Nanavati  wrote:

4) From: John Nanavati
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
i assume you're talking about the google toolbar. it causes issues with =
the software that my company develops.
anyhoo, thanks for the title - that will help quite a bit with my =
happy day,
John E. Nanavati
Plainfield, New Jersey 
"Behind every fashionable woman lies a very patient man."

5) From: Eddie Dove
Actually, he is referring to Gmail ... myname  It is an excellent
method of storing everything for later reference.
On 10/10/06, John Nanavati  wrote:

6) From: Les
Choosing a grinder:  (1) See how much money you can spare.  (2) If it
isn't enough for a Rancilio Rocky, save some more.  If it is enough
for a Mazzer Kony go for it!  Any Mazzer or Macap inbetween will set
you up for life.
On 10/10/06, John Nanavati  wrote:

7) From: Jason Brooks
    True for non-espresso life, as well?  I've pretty much stopped with
espresso, given life at this time with little ones.  But after
cranking for over an hour last Saturday, I'm thinking more about an
electric.  But for regular Chemex and FP, occasional Vac, ibrik or
moka, is a Rocky overkill?  I can easily grind for the latter two,
though the ibrik takes a while in a Zass.
Jason Brooks

8) From: Vince Doss
does anyone here need a GMAIL account? I am not sure if you still need an
invitation but I have 92 left if you want to use GMAIL as your
email/alternate email.
Email me OFFLINE vince.doss
On 10/10/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

9) From: Brett Mason
Nope, not the toolbar.  Google offers a hosted email service, for free,
which you never need to delete.  Incuded is the Google Search engine - at
the mail server, so you can search and retrieve.
I don't use the Google toolbar either - interferes...
On 10/10/06, John Nanavati  wrote:

10) From: Brett Mason
The Rocky is a grinder for a long long time.  It is flexible and very
adjustable, but also very consistent.  It should do for all the modes
you have mentioned...
  Zassman who also owns a Cory Electric, Rocky, Trosser, and even an
unused whirley-gig
On 10/10/06, Jason Brooks  wrote:

11) From: miKe mcKoffee
Just curious, when Rocky is no longer a grinder what does he become?-)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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12) From: Justin Marquez
On 10/10/06, miKe mcKoffee  wrote:
A REALLY GOOD paperweight...?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

13) From: raymanowen
If a grinder is The One to have for espresso grinding, at what point does
precision grinding become unimportant to the brewing process?
Or maybe it's not quite correct that grind quality is unimportant to 
brewing style.
Brew good coffee with any particular machinery. Exchange any one ot the
machines involved for one of greater precision and taste the difference.
Other than exhausting your funds, when is it good enough to use inferior
equipment to process superior beans?
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Got Grinder?

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