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Topic: Labeling greens for storage (11 msgs / 212 lines)
1) From: cja
When I get my greens from sweetmarias delivered, I take them out of the 
plastic bags and transfer them to cloth bags for storage. How do others 
label those cloth bags? The ziplocs have that nice label from 
sweetmarias. I have been re-writing the info on an index card and 
attaching it to the cloth bag but there must be a better way. How do you 
do  it? My stash is only about 25 lbs and I still have all the original 
labels if you use those. Help!

2) From: Bill Morgan
I remove the labels as best I can from the plastic bags and use clear
packing tape to put them on the cloth bags.  It almost works.  :-)
Sometimes I tape those labels to string tags I got at Office Depot.
On 10/10/06, cja  wrote:

3) From: Eddie Dove
Cut out the label and attach with two safety pins.
On 10/10/06, cja  wrote:

4) From: David Schooley
I cut around the label with scissors, leaving an inch or so of clear  
plastic on one end. I hole-punch the clear "tab" and run one end of  
the bag's string-tie through the hole. Tying the bag shut pulls the  
plastic against what little opening there might be in the bag. When I  
finish off a bag, the label goes into the archives, i.e., it gets  
tossed into a drawer. It seems kind of a shame to cut up the bags. I  
can print out my own labels, and I might start doing that eventually.  
The roasting information on the labels is often a bit different than  
on the Sweet Maria's web site, so I like to keep that information handy.
On Oct 10, 2006, at 10:21 PM, cja wrote:

5) From: Vicki Smith
Call me lazy, but I use peel and stick labels that are meant to use as 
address labels. I just write the name of the beans, any info I think I 
might need, and the date received on them. They come right off when I 
change out the beans.
When I order coffee, I print out Tom's description, and keep those 
sheets in a section of my roasting log for reference.
David Schooley wrote:

6) From: Chad
Anyone just put a number on the bags with a permanent marker and then 
keep a log? Then when you re-use the bag update that number on the log?
On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 9:20pm, Vicki Smith wrote:

7) From: Chad
Oohhh! Only if I could get my wife to sew the number onto the bag- no 
pen smell!
On Tue, 10 Oct 2006 9:34pm, Chad wrote:

8) From: Larry English
I cut out the labels (right along the edge of the paper label - don't try to
peel them off) and tape them to the bag using 2" clear 3M Scotch Packaging
tape.  This fits perfectly on the cloth 2 lb bags and stays put as long as
you want.  Since the label is still backed with plastic, only the tape
sticks to the bag, but it leaves no sticky residue when removed so the bag
can be reused.   It works fine on the 1 lb bags also but I don't use many of
On 10/10/06, Chad  wrote:

9) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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Ditto Here! I do exactly the same thing works like a champ!
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10) From: Alison Pfeffer
I have a method that has worked very well. After I take the greens  
out of the plastic bag they come in, I take a pair of scissors and  
cut out the label from the front of the bag, leaving about 1/4 inch  
around the sticker.  I take a hole punch and make a little hole in  
the left upper corner of the label and then thread the string from  
the cotton bag through that.  I really like having the original  
sticker to refer to and it looks nice hanging from the cotton bag.   
After I use up the coffee, I keep the "tags" with my roasting log, so  
that I can refer to them when studying past roasts.  Hope this helps!

11) From: DJ ISL
I just pay them $0.35 and get a new cloth bag with a label on it - I
just threw away several dozen old bags with labels to make room - maybe
I should sell them on eBay ...

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