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Topic: Chemex vs cona (6 msgs / 96 lines)
1) From: jerry walker
Havent used either of these and wanting oppinions on which makes the best brew i know the cona has the neat factor,but which produces the best end result?
thanks in advance  Jerry
jerry walker
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2) From: Jared Andersson
As with most any quality brewing devise the answer is "yes" they both make
the best cup of coffee.  It is just a different cup in each.  If Tom was
coming for dinner and I was trying to impress him with the best cup I could
make I would use the one I happened to have dialed in for grind, volume of
coffee and particular bean.  Each has produced a stunning and a average cup
for me depending on my ability to get each of those factors right.   What do
you like in a cup of coffee?  That might determine what is best.  Jared
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3) From: Tim Wat
Jared Andersson wrote:
In your stunning examples of both, what stands out for you?  What does 
Chemex excel at?  What is superlative from the Cona?  Inquiring minds 
and all that...

4) From: Jared Andersson
I  get very good coffee often but unfortunately get stunning coffee less
often than I would like.  I think this has the most to do with me changing
coffee, roast, grinders and brew methods too often to manage all the factors
that can take a coffee go from good to great.  My espresso improved
dramatically when I stuck with one bean for a while.  About a year ago I was
getting a ton of body out of my Chemex .  It was crazy.  Some how I got
lucky and really nailed the grind, roast and bean combination.  This
unfortunately only lasted until my Solis broke and I started to mess with
it.  I  haven't been able to replicate the coffee since (note to self, write
stuff down when it works).   When the Cona is great it is like a press pot
without the sediment.  Super smooth with little or no sediment.   Practice
and experimentation give me my best cups with whatever I am using and
unfortunately the Cona just doesn't get use daily so the practice and
experimentation suffer as does my cup at times.

5) From: Ed Needham
It's all about personal tastes and how you like to make coffee.  Neither is 
better than the other.
Get both and see which one you use more often.
Ed Needham®
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6) From: javafool
The Chemex is much easier to clean when you finish.

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