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1) From: Tim Wat
Been thinking about this for a little while now.
I just want to thank Tom and Maria for their work and effort in offering 
the best.  What I mean is that I've purchased some beans from "other 
sources" (which shall remain unnamed), but have been disappointed with 
the consistency, quality and repeatability in the roast and in the cup.  
All it's done for me is to underscore the quality I have always gotten 
from SM.
I don't know if anyone else has similar experience, but I now know I 
don't have to worry about beans I get from SM, not to mention how 
valuable the instruction, roast suggestions, cupping notes and the rest 
of the education the SM site provides newbies like me is really worth.  
It's hard to put a price on that kind of confidence.
So thanks, Tom and Maria.  The time you take to judge lot to lot and 
present only the best is a lot more appreciated by me now that I've had 
the opportunity to compare bean to bean.

2) From: Steven Sobel
I have to agree with you.  I will no longer purchase beans from any other
source.  It is amazing the difference in quality from SM.
On 10/11/06, Tim Wat  wrote:

3) From: Jim Wheeler
Agreed.  I tried a few other sources when I started roasting the
second time and the results were a distant second best to Sweet
Maria's.  I haven't strayed from the fold since then and see no reason
to do so in the future.
Yes, thanks to Tom, Maria, and the folks who work for them.  They are
truly the best.
Jim in Skull Valley

4) From: Bob Brashear
Tim Wat wrote:
Agreed. Service and quality at its' finest.

5) From: Howellite
I fourth that.  I have only ordered green coffee from Sweet Maria's.
There is no reason to go elsewhere.
Paul Andres

6) From: Eddie Dove
Ditto ... Amen.
On 10/11/06, Howellite  wrote:

7) From: Gregg Talton
Here again I agree!  Incredible service and attention to detail.
On 10/11/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

8) From: Walter R. Basil
I'll ump-teenth that. Although I have never bought greens from  
another source, I love what I get from Sweet Maria's and I have no  
plans of changing. This December will be my first year of buying  
beans from Tom. In December I'll tally up how much I've spent on my  
coffee beans and repost. ;-)
Walter R Basil

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