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Topic: Liquid Amber and hot air roasters (8 msgs / 128 lines)
1) From: Derek Bradford
Hi All,
I've been roasting LA with my Genecafe for a while now, and I have
never once had any caramel in my cup.  When I roasted with my drum
roasters there was always caramel, and lots of it.  But no matter how
carefully I roast, I just can't get any caramel.  Has the blend
changed a little and there's just not the caramel there was last year,
or is this more of a hot air vs drum roaster thing?  Any ideas?  I
miss the caramel.
On the upside of things, I haven't blended a single coffee since July
(although I've bought a few blends).  I've been drinking all SOs, for
cappuccinos, straight shots, and americanos.  There've been a couple
coffees that weren't well suited to a particular brew method, but by
and large they've all been good without blending.  Last year I blended
constantly, and while my coffee was different, I can't say it was
always better.   (Oh, but there were some blends...  *drools*...).
How many of you who drink predominantly espresso-based drinks don't
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2) From: Dan Bollinger
There is still lots of caramel in the cup.  I suspect it needs a longer roast to 
develop those flavors.  Dan

3) From: Derek Bradford
On 10/15/06, Dan Bollinger  wrote:
I've roasted it all the way from FC through well into second crack.
Going too far just eclipses the cup with roast tastes.  Are you using
a Gene Cafe by chance?
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4) From: jerry walker
I am a newbie at this with just a c- mill whirley blade and aero press,
roasting with a sc/to roasted some of the liquid amber 2days ago and wow
the best i have had yet, strong potent pungent, i liked it straight out of
the roaster, and even better 2 days later, i have tried another brokers
columbian and that made good aeroshots, also a guat so made real nice
aeroshots, going to try a sumatra triple pick next, but thus far the liq
amber was the shizit,  any body have any comparisons with the monkey blend
as i have not tried it but it is on my short list?
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5) From: miKe mcKoffee
I almost ordered some LA once but I'm an ASA member as well as CSA & KSA so
never have:-)
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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6) From: Dan Bollinger
Derek, When I say longer, I mean lengthening the roast time to obtain the same 
temperature.  I use a one-pound sample roaster.  Dan

7) From: Barry Luterman
I seldom blend for espresso. I do use Monkey blend a lot though. It's better 
than Hairbenders and that's saying a lot.

8) From: Derek Bradford
Maybe you're right.  I've found the GeneCafe to be difficult to use
when it comes to drawing out the roast.  I'll focus on that for the
next few roasts.  Thanks!
On 10/15/06, Dan Bollinger  wrote:
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