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Topic: So I am a coffee epicurean - was drug addict (6 msgs / 146 lines)
1) From: Tom Ulmer
Discussing how many grams are in a shot or even a 12-16 ounce cappuccino is
a bit foreign to me. I simply throw what I think is enough beans to pack a
double basket with grinds in the hopper, pull a single short shot, add the
same volume of steamed cream and foam, and then savor the little concoction.
As much as I enjoy this, I don't think drinking 5 of them at once would be a

2) From: Heat + Beans --all the rest is commentary
I can't speak to how most people do it, but seems to me that anything with
10 to 14 oz of milk is really an "American Latte."  It is so overwhelmingly
a milk drink that the finer points of shot pulling are probably lost for
 My preferred cappa is a double or triple shot (about 2 oz) and 3 oz of
steamed milk.  My wife likes 4 oz milk.  My routine is pour the different
amounts of milk into separate 10oz steam pitchers.  Using non-fat milk, the
separate steaming gives better control of microfoam and the ratio of more
airy foam on top (I like practically none, my wife likes more).
Heat + Beans
    all the rest is commentary

3) From: scott miller
Yes, the latte someone recently bought me at a local coffee shop was
an overabundance of milk with a dash of espresso. My friend stood in
line & ordered while the rest of our party grabbed a table. I didn't
specify a size for my drink and he got me a "medium".
Well actually I'm looking at a copy of their drink menu now. There's
no price difference between capps and lattes on the menu & they offer
3 sizes for both drinks:
12 oz - $2.65
16 oz - $3.20
20 oz - $3.85
I don't know how many shots went into that 16 latte but it sure wasn't
enough. Oh well, at least the milk was textured properly. I just had
to stop drinking it and get another shot to dump in there. 
I really don't get this large sized drink thing; I must be really out
of touch...
On 10/18/06, Heat + Beans --all the rest is commentary

4) From: Justin Marquez
On 10/18/06, scott miller  wrote:
I think I got it.  Let's assume:
1) A 3-ounce double espresso costs about $1.5
2) They put the above double shot in all three sizes
Milk is being sold to you at about $16.50 /gallon
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

5) From: scott miller
On 10/18/06, Justin Marquez  wrote:
Well like I said.. the milk WAS textured properly .
I'm now THRILLED that I didn't pay for the drink!
However, I did go by there again today and try a 12 ounce capp. Still
not enough espresso in there for my taste. The real bummer though is
that they serve drinks in disposable cups... even if you are drinking
in the store. I didn't say anything about this when I was out with
friends the other night; the shop was busy and for all I know the
warewasher was busted. Tonight, there wasn't much business AND there
were preheated cups on the machine. I must just be too picky.

6) From: miKe mcKoffee
Too picky, not in my opinion. I've gone to places and seen them reach for a
disposable cup and I'd ask for a real cup. If they said don't have them, I
cancel the order.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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