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Topic: Misty Valley .. Lots of chaff ??? (5 msgs / 89 lines)
1) From: Glen Kenedy
I have been roasting in an iroast2 for about 6 months
now.  For a novice at my level ... I seem to get
pretty good results.
When roasting the Misty Valley ... the amount of chaff
coming off is incredible.  It clogs the chaff
collector, and really slows air flow.
I need to open the collector and let the chaff shoot
out to restore the flow.
Am I alone in this ... or are others experiencing
similar things.
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2) From: Justin Marquez
On 10/18/06, Glen Kenedy  wrote:
I do recall seeing a LOT of chaff when I roasted the Misty Valley
although it isn't the same issue for the HG/DB.
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Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

3) From: Lynne
I roast on my stove - I bought one pound of Misty Valley (I have a 
cold, but HAD to try it - even though I've lost some of my sense of 
smell, which means my taste is not up to par - it is out of this 
world!). Roasted half of it - yes, there was more chaff than others 
(the decaf I have been using, the Costa Rica, on the other hand, has 
almost no chaff - don't know if this is usual for decafs).
On Oct 18, 2006, at 12:29 PM, Glen Kenedy wrote:

4) From: Barry Luterman
Decaf has very little chaff. When roasting decafe in fluid bed roasters 
which rely on chaff to increase temperature you have to obscure some of the 
chaff collector holes.

5) From: scott miller
Dry processed coffees always have a bunch of chaff. At least that's my
experience with them. I don't use an IRoast, but have seen others
mention chaff as a challenge in some cases where a bean throws a lot
of chaff.
On 10/18/06, Glen Kenedy  wrote:

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