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1) From: Sheila Quinn
I'm watching the new Rachael Ray television show right now, which seems 
to be quite popular. She just said how much she LOVES her coffee - 
several cups a day. I was just thinking that she needs one of you expert 
home coffee roasters to go on her show! Not only would she get to taste 
some really GREAT coffee, but I think it would be very educational for 
all of the people watching at home. I have never seen home roasting 
featured on television and I just think it would be an excellent topic. 
I doubt most people are even aware of it - I know I sure wasn't until 
just recently!
What do you think? Wouldn't it be great to get this on television? If 
nothing else, it would at least make people aware of good coffee.
I think one of you more experienced home roasters needs to get on her 
show. Obviously, that ain't me! Several others here that would be good 
at it, though.

2) From: Michael Holland
I would prefer to have Alton Brown explore home
roasting for several reasons:
1) He's not Rachael Ray:
2) He has done one Good Eats show on the basics of
making coffee and stressed the importance of having
good beans. He has done follow-up shows on certain
3) Being a "hacker" - his definition for someone who
uses other technologies to advance his own DIY
projects - he would find the heat gun/dog bowl combo
almost irresistable. He also enjoys his IR temperature
4) At the end of the day, he is still not Rachael Ray.
5) The Iron Chef series is mostly produced here in
L.A., so a trip to Oakland to visit our hosts would be
a natural.
6) See #1 and #4.
I have nothing against Rachael as a person. But I
suepect that her coffee intake is really masking her
daily intake of Prozac. 
My 2 cents.
Michael Holland
Los Angeles City Archives
VP, Cellarmasters
"Maybe this is why so many of our elderly avoid Starbucks altogether: They grew up in the Depression, and they know the value of a nickel."
Anita Creamer - columnist for the Sacramento Bee

3) From: John Blumel
On Oct 20, 2006, at 12:14 pm, Sheila Quinn wrote:
She definitely needs help with coffee. I had nothing else to do one  
day and caught one of her shows while channel flipping. She was  
making a brunch or something like that and had a pour-over coffee  
maker, a chemex I think, and the coffee bit went something like this...
"OK, now I'm going to start my coffee, and this is something I  
learned from a coffee expert. You have to let the coffee bloom. So,  
I'm going to pour just a little water in to get the bloom started."
[She pours 8 oz. or so of water, just off the boil, over the grounds,  
puts the kettle back on a low flame to keep it simmering, and then  
goes on about the rest of them meal. Ten minutes later she comes back  
to the coffee.]
"Now that the coffee has finished blooming, I'm going to pour the  
rest of the water through."
[Takes kettle off heat and starts pouring boiling water through the  
grounds. Chit-chats a bit while she continues to pour water through.  
Total extraction time approaches 15 minutes.]
... So, yeah, someone please help her out. The good news is that she  
did not add E.V.O.O. to the coffee.
John Blumel

4) From: Gerald and Beth Newsom
LOL  You two guys had better watch out or I'll sic my wife on you.  We don't
watch television in our home, but my wife does get her parents to record
certain shows for her at times.  The show she always requests is one of the
two that Rachael Ray does.  :-)

5) From: Vince Doss
....What do you say about people you dont like then?
On 10/20/06, Michael Holland  wrote:

6) From: Michael Holland
I will own up to the fact that Rachael Ray is not my
type. I also think that Alton Brown is a better
candidate for the topic of home roasting with his
combo of food science, DIY, etc.
As for the other question, the only people who qualify
for my 'hatred' are those who cannot carry on a
conversation with anyone who disagrees with them. Sad
to say, I find myself in that small-minded category
far too often and there is usually someone I can trust
who will point that out to me in a non-threatening
way. Thank you, Vince.
By way of comparison, this list is a very diverse
group and I have read many examples of debate,
discussion and - sometimes - disagreement. I hope to
keep learning from everyone and maybe have something
to contribute myself someday.
Michael Holland
Los Angeles City Archives
VP, Cellarmasters
"Maybe this is why so many of our elderly avoid Starbucks altogether: They grew up in the Depression, and they know the value of a nickel."
Anita Creamer - columnist for the Sacramento Bee

7) From: normand szcyrek
A program on Food TV Canada already covered coffee
roasting using a DIY roaster. It was a pretty good
approach using 2 steel collanders over a BBQ. You can
visit their website to see the results:  http://www.foodtv.ca/microsites/foodjammers/episode_guide.aspx?eid13I agree with Michael's comments about Rachael Ray. 
She reminds me of a slightly improved version of a
local TV  channel cooking host, that kind that used to
be popular in the 70's & 80's.  
-Norm Szcyrek
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8) From: Tom Ulmer
Okay... I would volunteer to help her get the coffee right. However, I must
confess I have history with Cuban-Cajun dynamos with blue tendencies -
leaving me jaded enough to enjoy the process.

9) From: Sheila Quinn
Yes, Alton Brown would be great for this... I agree wholeheartedly. Just 
thought Rachael needed some help with her coffee! And her show does seem 
to be popular.
Michael Holland wrote:

10) From: Brett Mason
We love Rachel Ray!
I know cause we watch her whenever we can.
On 10/20/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

11) From: Lynne
I love Rachel Ray, too. I used to watch her, back when I had time to 
kill (ha - seems a thousand years ago), not because I was learning 
anything, but because I like her (as opposed to others here, who have 
voiced the opposite opinion). I don't find her personality sappy at all 
- I really think she's sincere. That is why, I believe, she has become 
such a hit on T.V. - even out selling Emeril Lagasse (never could get 
into his programs).
She aims her program for the average person today - most people don't 
cook. And, I have to hand it to her, if you can get people to realize 
that making a meal from scratch is as easy as using prepackaged crap 
from grocery stores - more power to her.
Yes, I think Alton Brown could do a terrific program on homeroasted 
coffee, if he wanted to do it. He has a different take on the usual 
cooking program - I like him, too.
On Oct 20, 2006, at 7:31 PM, Sheila Quinn wrote:

12) From: Leo Zick
Oh Man Michael, am I with you!
Not only all your reasons, but he would give us some great scientific data
on roasting. That would be interesting!

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