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1) From: Edward Bourgeois
Anyone out there with a bread machine motor with CO top?  I have been
working on one for about 3 months. I like the strength and speed of the
motor. Roasts a finished weight 1# easily with 13min fc. And the roasts are
SUPER even. Test roasted a whopping 3# green batch today stopped just at
beginning of rolling 2nd at 23mins. The slowest degree/min rise was 6
degrees at the slow point of 1st crack. Not happy with the time but the
roast came out surprisingly well with no baked taste. Am going to cut my pot
down 1 1/2" to increase the heat .  Goal is to do about 24-28oz roasted in
about 13-14 mins   http://coffee-roasting.blogspot.com/  ps have done some
mods after these pics, stir motor on/off switch on front. chaff exit slot.

2) From: Bob
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Very impressive Edward--well done. You're goal of 13-14 min. for 1-2 =
lbs. sounds right. My RK runs right in that range for city+ roast.

3) From: Brian Kamnetz
Thanks for posting the pics!

4) From: Peter Zulkowski
Nice work Edward,
I have been using a similar setup for well over a year now. Check this out:http://www.homeroasters.org/php/forum/viewthread.php?forum_id2&thread_id1In the process of making a larger one, but in the mean time my PGR has 
been working fine :)
My goal is to do a Kilogram or better, and my PGR does almost this much, 
but the capacity is a bit low.
I found that insulating the outside of the roasting chamber helps a lot.
Edward Bourgeois wrote:

5) From: Les
I have sampled some of Peter's homeroast and it is excellent!
On 10/21/06, Peter Zulkowski  wrote:

6) From: Chad
Does anyone remember where I can find directions how to mod a bread 
machine so it constantly stirrs? I can't seem to find that again. Thanks 
in advance. Any other BM/TO how to's would also be appreciated.

7) From: Vicki Smith
I've  used 5 different brands of bread makers, and each and every one of 
them stirs long enough on the dough cycle to roast 1.5 pounds of beans 
with a heat gun. No modding at all.
My sunbeam starts with two minutes at a slower speed stir, then will do 
20 minutes at a fast pace, pausing for 3 seconds every 30 seconds or so.
When I was experimenting to see if I could roast a kilo at a time, I 
turned off the machine for about 5 seconds, which let it reset to the 
beginning, about 7 minutes in so I would have a total stir cycle of 
about 30 minutes.
I didn't end up needing it, but I wasn't sure how long a kilo would take.
Chad wrote:

8) From: Edward Bourgeois
Chad    A friend did mine. All i know was he bypassed and removed all the
circuit board and ran a switch right off the motor leads.

9) From: Edward Bourgeois
Vicki     What sort of BM roaster are you using? Ed

10) From: Vicki Smith
My roaster is an an oldish (1999) model 5820 Sunbeam 2 pound bread 
making machine. I have roasted in several other machines with the same 
results though, and without modding.
Edward Bourgeois wrote:

11) From: Edward Bourgeois
Vicki      Would you tell me a little more about your BM roaster. I saw that
you've referenced  my site  http://coffee-roasting.blogspot.com/ so you
know what I'm using. A friend wants me to make him a roaster. Mine is
designed to do larger roasts than he needs but he does like the BM  concept
over the sc/ufo/to types. I picked up an oster 5821 at a tag sale for 2
bucks and might consider using it. Do you use the heat element in the BM?
What's your process for doing a roast. thanks, Ed

12) From: Vicki Smith
I use a heat gun with my bread machine, Ed. I have been reading with 
interest the posts from folks who mod the bread machine so they can use 
the machine's heating element, but I'm not all that interested. My main 
goal in using the bread machine (well, other than the batch size) is to 
get good control over the roast, and the heat gun gives me that. I like 
the hands on part of this kind of roasting.
I have some info on the way I do it on my weblog. See, http://taming.motime.com/post/597194.I have written about this before, so you could find it in the list 
archives, but the changes since that first roast are mostly related to 
my discovery that I can do up to about a kilo in my bread machine, and 
that I can fine tune the interval between first and second crack pretty 
precisely by switching to the lower temp on my heat gun, when first 
crack gets going, and then coasting. My goal is to maintain the temp for 
a bit, before going back to the higher heat gun setting, and bringing 
the roast home.
I am, btw, using a really cheap heat gun, $34 CAD, and a very basic 
bread machine. If either of them goes, it's no great loss, and the heat 
gun is very light--a factor for me as with MS, my ability to manipulate 
a heavy object is sometimes compromised. In fact, the reason I decided 
on a bread machine, rather than a dog bowl, was related to my 
disability. I have an IR2 for backup, when even this is too difficult.
Depending on how much I am roasting, I get to first crack between 9 and 
12 minutes in. I have never gone beyond 20 minutes total time for the 
roast, and my bread machine stirs just fine on the dough cycle for that 
length of time.
I have used other people's bread machines, five or so different models, 
and have yet to find one that couldn't handle 1.5 of greens without 
That being said, I am new to this, and other people are probably better 
sources of information about this mighty fine roasting method.
Edward Bourgeois wrote:

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