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Topic: Winter Coffee Order is now in! (9 msgs / 195 lines)
1) From: Brett Mason
I just got my Winter coffee order in...  AND I CAN'T WAIT...
1063-20  Java Government Estate Djampit -20 lbs      1
1026-20  Colombia Excelso 13556 -20 lbs                 2
60lb should keep us until Easter.  I have to tell you I am so thrilled
with the new Colombia Excelso 13556 - Chocolate is back!
Sumatra will help with the strong extra punch I like too...

2) From: Roger Lebow
Brett, do you blend these for espresso or drip (or both?), or drink 
them as SO?
On Oct 21, 2006, at 6:37 PM, Brett Mason wrote:

3) From: Brett Mason
Usually I go SO - single origin...  Christmas I will blend for friends
and neighbors,a nd these two will be in there.  Probably some UgaBugi
too and some Brazil...  We'll see.
I like going sigle origin first, until I can discern each fcoffee for
what it is.  I roast a little darker than most - Full City Plus is my
regular target.
Blends are fun, and they create a great middle-of-the-road gift that
is still more excellent than most folks ever taste...
Hope that helps a bit.
Cmon over - my DIva is always hot and ready...
On 10/21/06, Roger Lebow  wrote:

4) From: Les
Wow Brett,
40 pounds of one coffee!  I like great coffee, but I like a lot of
different coffees too!  I guess it is our differences that make the
world go around.  I have 15 pounds of Brazil Yellow Bourbon in the
stash.  That is the most of anything I have had since the "Big Kona
Buy" many years ago.  Right now I am limiting myself to 1 or 2
pounders trying to get the stash down.  I am sure I have at least 40
different coffees in the stash.  I finished off one of the Brazil CoEs
from last year this week.  I roasted a CoE from Nicaragua (last years)
I still have 3 more roasts of it!  Ah, life is good with not a bad
choice in the bunch.
On 10/21/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

5) From: Eddie Dove
Are those your mainstays and you order a smattering of others during that
time, or are you done until about Easter?
On 10/21/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

6) From: Brett Mason
The smattering will continue.
I have Debbie's concurrence on the Colombia - we've been waiting for a
good one for most of a year... This met spec...
On 10/21/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

7) From: Brett Mason
I will probably sell a lot of coffee.  Debbie has been waiting for a
solid Colombian, and this seems to do the trick after a year of lesser
Colombians... Just our perceived taste... But why miss?  Makes for a
nice stash, and I am already under 40lb today....
On 10/21/06, Les  wrote:

8) From: Roger Lebow
"UgaBugi"--an truly inspired coinage!
I haven't tried blending much beyond a traditional Mocha (city)/Java 
(FC) blend I'm fond of. I usually rely on SM's Moka Kadir and Monkey 
blends. I prefer light Italian style roasts for espresso, but for 
vacuum brewing favor roasts in the city-city+ range.
Now that I have a Gene Cafe I feel emboldened to roast for friends (and 
I also have the capacity now, lacking when I was using the FreshRoast 
8), though I don't know if I'd foist my own blends on unsuspecting 
"DIva"? I'm sure I should know what that means. I don't suppose you're 
SoCal adjacent?
Roger (Sierra Madre, CA)
On Oct 21, 2006, at 7:07 PM, Brett Mason wrote:

9) From: Brett Mason
Hi Roger,
Uganda Bugisu is one of my favorites!
I am California born and raised, moved to Iowa a year ago...  Will be
at LAX this Tuesday night for meetings in Ventura on Wednesday.  Torn
between In-N-Out, Taco Mesa, Del Taco, El Torito Grill or Tommy's.
None of these in Iowa and I have two evening meals.  Not that these
are meals, they are more like drive-thru feasts....
Diva is the model of UNIC espresso machine that I bought used.  She
has a 6litre boiler, uses HX, and weighs about 105 lb.  I have two
Unic Phoenix machines which I picked up - some of the parts are
exchangeable.  I hope to offer a rebuilt phoenix sometime in the
future....  Coffee Pictures are on my website...
Here's more info on the Diva if you're interested...
On 10/22/06, Roger Lebow  wrote:

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