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Topic: powerstat variable power supply (5 msgs / 67 lines)
1) From: Scjgb3
will a powerstat or similar device really make a good difference in  
roasting.  I use a hot air popper  1500w 1400w and 1200w. when  roasting I will roast 
for 5-6m then switch to 50-100 ft ext. cord, depending on  the bean to slow 
down the second crack. will the powerstat accomplish the same  thing or am I on 
the wrong path?

2) From: Michael Dhabolt
Yes.  The powerstat (or other variac) will give you considerably more
control than the extension cord trick.  A small (1 or 2 amp) variac to
power the fan thru, on the poppers with line voltage fans (original
Poppery and Pumper), will also give you control over the air flow.
The combination gives you total control.
Mike (just plain)

3) From: miKe mcKoffee
Note on variable transformers. Not all are variable boosted, some strictly
variable down from whatever the line voltage happens to be. You want
variable boosted for best control and for fan gives potential increased
batch size, hence my routine 1/2# batches with Rosto designed for 1/4#
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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4) From: Michael Dhabolt
miKe is correct....some variacs do not allow boosting voltage.  Being
able to boost the fan speed has been a real benefit to me.  I believe
that all (at least all that I've dealt with) "powerstat" branded
variacs do allow it though.  I believe another option that allows
increased speed for fan control is Doug Strait's (sp) PWM controll
Mike (just plain)

5) From: Michael Dhabolt
A lot of canned (with body work) variacs can be rewired for voltage
boost - but you have to rewire a couple of terminals inside the
Mike (just plain)

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