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Topic: Thundering Response to Storage (6 msgs / 120 lines)
1) From: Aaron
Today I cracked open a vaccuum sealed canister of Thunder Mountain Kona 
I had laying around.....  When I got this coffee, it was good, however, 
will admit I liked the moki farm a bit better from last years crop.  
This one while great coffee, just seemed to be lacking something that 
other kona's had... since I am not a kona expert like some others on the 
list, I can't exactly put my finger...or tongue for that matter on what 
I felt was missing.... anyways.
I opened it up after sitting for about 6 months in vaccuum storage,  all 
I can say is WOW!!   The smell was phenomenal... I compared it to a 
smaller cloth bag I had of it that was sitting pretty much in open air 
in the bag, and the vac sealed definately had much more aroma to it.  
 From what I remember, it even seemed to have more 'fruitier, sweeter' 
smell than when I first bought it.  I wonder if it is possible that the 
sitting in storage helped age it a bit and made it better, up to a 
certain point of course, when it starts going stale....
I roasted it up, and hopefully after sitting a few days Ill have a great 
cup o coffee to share...Generally they seem to taste their best right 
around the 5 or so day mark, but I can't stand looking at a kona sitting 
there and not touching it, so they generally get busted into about the 2 
1/2 to 3 day mark and go from there.

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
Actually not surprising at all with Kona. Often early in the season greens
are processed to greens rather quickly rather than aging a few weeks in
parchment. Also Konas tend to make it to end consumers much faster than most
other greens.
I too was a bit under whelmed by what I'd hoped would be a most excellent
Kona from Thunder Mountain, given their extreme high elevation for Kona.
Seemed to lacke good complete Kona character. It's been a couple months
since I've roasted any and will roast it next in my Kona rotation too. (also
vac bagged of course:-)
OTH I found this year's Moki's better than last years. Kowali shined
brightly as did a number of other Konas I got.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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3) From: Aaron
Kona God stated:
OTH I found this year's Moki's better than last years.
yep, I figured as much.  I seen it hit tom's list and thought, hmm I might want to get some of that, but sitting on about 4 pounds of moki's from last year,  purple mountain F and XF, thunder mountain and the kona typica tom had, I figured, err, I better not get another one,  especially since I was jobless at the time,  the price tag severely hindered my adventureness on this one.  Yah I know I could have got a pound bag just to try it but well we both know where that would have went... a subsequent order for a 5 lb bag.... no I do NOT exercise much control over good coffee.  
I decided to forsake my god's....  let us hope they allow me to repent with a most excellent roast of the Moki I did tonight.  It was odd,  it had a first crack, went for a little bit, a bit of quiet, then had a HARD first crack,  possibly temp change up  caused the rest of the beans to kick in.
I remember seeing tom's page from a year or so ago saying be gentle with kona's and then seeing later where you said, the moki tasted better roasted a bit deeper, and then went through some old notes I found from when I first started roasting and said, yep, the kona needs a good roastin here, don't baby it, let er rip.
Given how much more 'kona' aroma seemed to be coming off it right out of the roaster, I believe I did the right thing, .. a few days will tell..
either way, unless you really nuked it, or didn't let it get to crack, its kind of hard to kill a kona... thankfully

4) From: Barry Luterman
Mike did you ever find out if the earthquake affected this years crop of 

5) From: Aaron
Mike did you ever find out if the earthquake affected this years crop of 
yah, the beans are pre sorted, so hopefully cheaper this year...  well...
one can wish can't they?

6) From: miKe mcKoffee
Gus (Head Bean @ Pele Plantations) said they had very minor physical damage
and didn't mention any crop issues.

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