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Topic: And you thought you were having a bad coffee day... (6 msgs / 94 lines)
1) From: Derek Bradford
Mine's worse.  My Gene Cafe isn't heating up properly.  Warranty call
placed this morning.  Now, I just finished pulling two Kenya 293
americanos on my Europiccola, and my lever is breaking.  It's coming
apart at the joint.  La Pavoni is terrible...absolutely horrible, for
warranty replacements.  I anticipate a fun battle...  :(
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2) From: Roger Lebow
This is disquieting news... I just got my Gene Cafe from SM a couple of 
months ago. How long have you had yours?
On Oct 24, 2006, at 8:43 PM, Derek Bradford wrote:

3) From: Derek Bradford
I bought mine in August.  I live in Korea, so warranty service should
be no problem.  This is a problem that others have experienced, and
each time I've read about it the company responded with a new machine,
and the owner was happy again.  I wouldn't worry about it too much.
On 10/25/06, Roger Lebow  wrote:
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4) From: Derek Bradford
Just a quick update...they (Gene Cafe) are sending me a new machine
while they decide what to do with the old one.  Since the old one
technically works, there will be no downtime.  They are also paying
for all shipping costs.  It would be difficult to ask for more than
On 10/25/06, Roger Lebow  wrote:
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5) From: RK
If I ever decided to get a small indoor sample roaster it would be the Gene 
Cafe, I have used a Hot Top and IMO the Cafe seems to be a bit easier to 
I have not tried one but from what I see and what I read it seems to me to 
be a better choice of 1/2 lb electric roasters.

6) From: Les
Only Ron Kyle would recommend a roaster that wasn't his own!  I occasionally
use my Poppery 1 to do a sample roast, but with the versitility of the RK
Drum to do great half pound to 2 pound roasts, I don't often find the need.
Roasting one bean to 4 pounds in an RK Drum
On 10/27/06, RK  wrote:

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