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Topic: Moka Kadir Blend - Roast for Brewed Coffee? (5 msgs / 64 lines)
1) From: Eddie Dove
Hey folks,
I was wondering if anyone has tried this at a lighter roast than than the
Full City+ or darker.  If you did, how was it?

2) From: Demian Ebert
This is one of my all time favorite blends. I haven't tried it much lighter
than FC, but darker it makes great espresso at Vienna. It's what I roast if
there's only time for one roast that will have to meet both FP and espresso.
On 10/26/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

3) From: Eddie Dove
Didn't try it in the press ... I will have to give that shot.
Thanks Demian
On 10/26/06, Demian Ebert  wrote:

4) From: Sheila Quinn
Yes, I have roasted it at a City + for brewed coffee. Really good this 
way, too! Seems like a very versatile blend. I'm completely out of it, 
so time to re-order soon!
BTW, I once mentioned a sour taste from this one - I think it really 
*was* the water! Ever since buying a Brita UltraMax, I have never 
experienced that problem again. Thank you to all who replied about that!
Eddie Dove wrote:

5) From: Vince Doss
I find this to be a versatile coffee as well. I just ordered 20# of it. My
"peeps" have really responded to this coffee. I have some "customers"....I
hesitate to refer to them as customers however they are paying for my
roasted coffee...they are really just friends that I am turning on to great
coffee! I digress, some folks still like a darker roast and instead of
experimenting with an SO, I am using Tom's expertise with his blends to fill
a larger and larger portion of my customers wants. I have roasted this all
over the board from city -charcoal and I like it.
Working on a more descriptive vocabulary...=)
On 10/26/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:
At some point between French and fire, it really doesn't matter much what
the "origin character" of the coffee was...
Tom Owens - Sweet Marias

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