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Topic: 1oz milk 3oz pitcher steaming (5 msgs / 93 lines)
1) From: Sherry Hausner
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Where can a person purchase the 3oz pitchers. I have done searches and =
can't seem to find anywhere. :(

2) From: miKe mcKoffee
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I won't give link(s) since sell SM competitive products. Simply Google "3 oz
espresso pitcher" and you'll find a number of sources. They're not normally
used for steaming but often cafes pull shots into them!
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Where can a person purchase the 3oz pitchers. I have done searches and can't
seem to find anywhere. :(

3) From: Angelo
So much for keeping the shot hot....

4) From: miKe mcKoffee
Very true. 'Course didn't say quality espresso cafes! But if they're making
a 20oz caramel pumpkin spice latte topped with whipped cream the 9:1 or 19:1
hot milk to espresso ratio will make it hot anyway...

5) From: scott miller
I went today to the nearby "House 'o Huge Milk Drinks with a Dollop of
Coffee". Local, independent shop ... The menu board has a Latte
Macchiato on it for $2.65 and the description is: "shot of espresso
poured into frothy steamed milk." This is a 12 oz. drink! YIKES!!
That description for the Latte Macchiato differentiates it from the
Caffe Latte, which is: "poured with foamy steamed milk." ... also a 12
oz. drink. Hey, I'm in the sticks here and ya gotta really draw a
picture for folks, I guess.
So, I ask the person at the register for a Macchiato, not the big one,
just a double shot of espresso with a dollop of steamed milk. Says I,
"you can do that, right?" After mashing a few buttons on the
touchscreen, she asks, "espresso macchatio? is that it?" Although it's
not listed on the menu, they at least have a key for it in the
The shot was pulled into a pair of 3 oz pitchers, then poured into the
cup where the milk was added... I just don't get it. Oh, and the first
shot the new PBTC pulled... After about 50 seconds I asked him to
start over and use the timer. I was pleasant, but firm about what I
expected. He got the next shot out in ~30 seconds and as he handed me
the drink, said this was the first espresso macchiato he's ever
I'll check on the availability of the caramel pumpkin shpice latte...
but I think we all know the answer already :(
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