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Topic: Cleaning a Classic (9 msgs / 233 lines)
1) From: Aaron
Quick question hopefully someone can answer.
I have a Maestro Classic grinder that I am wanting to give a real good 
I have figured out how to get the top burr off, it pretty much turns and 
clicks / lifts right out.
The bottom burr now is seeming a bit more difficult, and I don't have 
any of the paperwork that the thing might have come with so there is no 
help there either.
Can the lower burr be removed for a good cleaning, if so how without 
breaking the thing.  It looks like it kind of sets in there / clicks in 
place as well but I figure I better ask someone before i go tearing into 
the thing and busting it.

2) From: Vicki Smith
The Maestro Classic instructions talk about removing the upper burr as 
part of routine maintenance, but not the lower one. I play around with a 
stiff brush and then blow it out with compressed air. I clean that way 
(removing the upper burr of course) 1x a week, using about a pound of 
coffee a week, more often if I am grinding more than that.
I put minute rice through it once a month.
I'd do it more often if I had a penchant for dark oily roasts.
Aaron wrote:

3) From: raymanowen
Aaron, I've had both burrs out of several Solis grinders and Bodum Antiguas.
Once you pull the upper burr (I'd do it at least weekly), you have total
access to the lower burr, and you won't gain anything by unscrewing it from
its driveshaft. You can do no better than brushing it with a stiff-bristled
toothbrush, and do the same to the upper burr when it's out. You can clean
and inspect everything when you just pull the upper burr.
When I changed out the burrs in my Solis Maestro Plus to a set of Virtuoso
burrs, I noticed a radial finger was missing from the grounds slinger under
the burr. Now it has 5 fingers- so what? Not worth the bother, and it's no
bother anyway.
When you need to replace the upper burr due to wear, replace them both with
a set of virtuoso burrs.
The center burr comes loose easily. Just pull out the upper burr and lock a
pair of Vise-Grip(r) pliers on it and give it a bump to the right and spin it
right out. I can get it out faster than you could remove the upper burr from
a neglected grinder. Coffee goo really sticks.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
The indisputable truth is that no coffee is fresh if it isn't fresh roasted.

4) From: Aaron
Ray, thank you very much for the burr info.   I was looking down into 
this thing when I cleaned it and was wondering, can I do a better job if 
I disassemble it, do I need to take it to parade rest once in a while to 
really clean it properly.  Apparantly not according to your experience.
So far it seems to be grinding very well for me, and I havent noticed 
any wear really.   Then again I only do maybe 20 grams to 55 grams a day 
if I make an entire pot so it's not getting a ton of use from me.  Not 
sure Id know what worn burrs would even look like unless they were 
really banged up smushed down.
I just felt it is always better to ask first, when taking something new 
apart that is not very obvious how it comes apart lest you hear snap, 
find yourself holding a piece... or... half a piece of something and 
saying words not fit for print here. 
It is true that experience can be directly proportional to amount of 
equipment ruined but id rather not be the one doin the runin and passing 
on the what not to do info.
Thanks again

5) From: Vicki Smith
Ray always gives great advice about the solis products, but he had a 
different model. I am pretty sure that we classic users have to stick 
with the classic replacement burrs.  At least that is the impression I 
got when I wrote to Baratza.
On the plus side, I have not had to replace mine yet, and I grind more 
than you do. The replacement upper burr is only $12. I grind for my KMB 
and a few other appliances, but not for espresso with it. If you were 
grinding finer (though the classic is not great for espresso), the burrs 
would not last as long.
Aaron wrote:

6) From: Douglas Strait
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Virtuoso burrs<
Ray, you have mentioned this swap several times. I don't doubt that you =
have done it. I am wondering what additional parts or modifications =
where necessary to make it work. I ask because the Barratza site seems =
to be saying the burrs from the Vituoso don't work in the Maestro. See =
this link: http://www.baratza.com/parts_cleaners.php
It also seems that they sell only one of the two Virtuoso burrs as =
replacement parts unlike the Maestro for which they sell both. See: http://www.baratza.com/solis_parts.php

7) From: Kevin
Is the center burr on the Solis a reverse thread?
On 10/28/06, raymanowen  wrote:
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8) From: Justin Marquez
On 12/12/06, Kevin  wrote:
From Baratza's website, FAQ file for Maestro...
"How do I replace the Center cone burr?
The center cone burr is just threaded onto the drive shaft via a LEFT
hand thread. All you need to do is grip the burr with vise grips
(protect the burr by wrapping it with a rag) and give it a quick jerk
clockwise. It is a bit tricky to get a good grip on the burr due to
its shape, but many have done this successfully at home. "http://www.baratza.com/solis_faq.phpSafe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

9) From: raymanowen
Yes, Kevin, and thanks for making this thread current- I missed it
The motor drives the center burr clockwise (to the right). The grinding
action tends to put the brakes on the center burr, or a relative
counterclockwise torque.
Clamp on the locking pliers- Vise-Grips- bump it clockwise. The burr pops
loose easily and you can spin it right off.
Same goes for the Bodum Antigua. The burrs are identical, except for a
groove and plastic or rubber seal on the lower OD of the ring burr in a
All the Solis use the same SNAFU upper burr in their grinder sets, except
for the excellent Virtuoso burrs.
Always make sure the plastic slinger is in place under the center burr when
you screw it down, and it's clean and dust free. Today's dirt is tomorrow's
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
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