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Topic: First good decaf (5 msgs / 90 lines)
1) From: Bob Brashear
I never thought I would say those words. Every decaf prior to tonight 
left a metallic tang in the back of my mouth that would not disappear 
for at least a day.
Tonight, I am drinking a wonderful Ethiopia Sidamo WP decaf from SM. 
Roasted it earlier today to City Plus in the Hottop. Brewed it in the 
Bodum FP. No metallic taste. Very smooth. Medium body. A hint of 
sweetness/fruit that I think will come out more as it rests. My son 
thinks it tastes like a bit of sugar on the back of his tongue.
I also roasted a batch of Java WP decaf. There are several people 
waiting to test both at my sons' fencing club tomorrow morning. They are 
in for a surprise.

2) From: Aaron
Bob, I have had very good luck with the SM's decaf's myself.  My dad 
because of his health really should not drink regular coffee.  I did up 
some decafs for him and to be honest, the flavors were just as full as 
any regular coffee I'd say.   Perhaps we are just so used to the crap 
they sell in the stores that is decaf that we are stunned when we taste 
one that actually taste like good coffee.  I even drank them myself to 
taste them to see and I liked the flavors as well, but will admit, I 
like the caff buzz too.  If you are seriously into decafs or are told 
you have to drink it, Id recommend pretty much every one that tom has.  
They are really really good coffee's.  I bet your friends, if you did 
not tell them, would not notice the difference between a decaf and a 
regular coffee by taste..

3) From: Sheila Quinn
SM's decafs are great! I made a single cup for myself the other night, 
and my husband (who insists he does NOT drink decaf!) stole my whole cup 
and drank it himself. He said he just wanted a taste, but before I knew 
it the whole cup was gone. More surprising is that he drinks his coffee 
with cream and sugar - and this was black! I've never seen him drink 
black coffee - even my "regular" homeroast. He just won't give it up!
So yes, their decafs are pretty good.
Aaron wrote:

4) From: Eddie Dove
I fool people with the decafs all the time.  100% so far.
I am enjoying a cup (several actually) of the Ethiopian Harar Decaf right
On 10/27/06, Bob Brashear  wrote:

5) From: Bob Brashear
Aaron wrote:
I am really stunned. This is great coffee. I used to be able to tell 
(blind) if a pot was decaf or not. Not with these beans.
My parents (in their 70's) are going to love this stuff. Gave them a 
half pound of the Kenya 503 awhile back and Dad said, this is the kind 
of coffee I could drink in the afternoon. He'll be able to drink coffee 
all day with these decafs.
Tom and Maria, you done good!

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