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Topic: Zassenhaus time to grind, Aeropress filter (5 msgs / 87 lines)
1) From: charles kertay
Hello everyone
  I just started roasting a few mo ago and love it of cour=
  I bought a Zassenhaus hand crank mill online, it takes 90 seconds t=
grind 1 SCAA scoop (30 ml). Is this about right, or way too slow? I am=
beginning to think it's not really a Zass., just has the sticker.
  Also, When using the 5 micron filter generously sent to me for the
eropress, I find i like to put the finished side toward the coffee
s (upstream), because it seems to clean up much more easily.
ks!  Charlie Kertay

2) From: Scott Marquardt
On 10/28/06, charles kertay  wrote:
That's true. It's difficult to quantify the consequences of that, so I
don't think you're taking any kind of a performance hit with your
Another thing you can do is alternate which side you use.
Tip: the polyester cleans up very well when you back-flush it with a
water-pick shower head that's set to pulse very fast.
How many pressings are you getting out of a poly filter?
- Scott

3) From: Brett Mason
For a coarse grind, My zass can do enough for a 10-cup pot in about 90
seconds.  If I go for a very fine grind, this can take a bit longer.
How coarse are you grinding?
Does your Zass have numbers or writing on the bottom?
On 10/28/06, charles kertay  wrote:

4) From: Gerald and Beth Newsom
The length of time for hand grinding does depend on the coarseness level.  I
measured the length of time it took me for various grind levels when I first
got my Armin Trosser.  Averaged out to be about 15 seconds per tablespoon
for French press grind and about 35 seconds per tablespoon for the finer
grind I used for my vac' pot.

5) From: Lynne
I do somewhat of a fine grind, for my one little moka pot - and it 
takes me about that long. I am doing better than when I first started 
out - found that figuring out just how to hold it (so it doesn't dance 
all over the counter) helps, as does putting it on a pot holder.
On Oct 28, 2006, at 9:49 AM, Brett Mason wrote:

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