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Topic: OT Cyprus and greek coffee (5 msgs / 147 lines)
1) From: scott miller
Aeropress coffee at a *$ in the Mediterranean. Sounds excellent. All
the CSA points ya can stand!
Best wishes for a safe trip ...
On 10/28/06, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)  wrote:

2) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
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Hello all,
            I am back underway now we just left Cyprus and I must admit =
that Greek coffee packs a powerful punch I have no idea how it is made =
but it makes espresso seem like water side by side. I loved it but I did =
have to add a bit of sugar to make it go down easier. The really neat =
thing is that even thought there were close to 6000 sailors on the =
island I must have been one of the only ones that wanted to try the =
coffee because the locals were giving them to me free and were amazed =
that I was able to drink it all.  I then I would explain how I would =
roast my own coffee and I showed them my Aero press and even shared some =
fresh roast with them... Now for the really good part there are 7 *$ on =
the island and I would go in and get a cup of hot water sit out side in =
the café area and use my AP to make a cup the local manager came out =
and sat with me to see what I was doing I even got him to say my coffee =
was better then *$.. HEHEHEH All in all it was a very beautiful place =
very friendly locals and I even educated a few while I explored. (What =
does that do for the CSA Points?)
(Off to the Ditch)
6 months and 7 days -we hope until I am home---

3) From: Vince Doss
That story rocks! Never pulled into Cyprus but did get to go to Rhodes
Greece, it was great!
Unfortunately it wasnt coffee that I was drinking then.
I have meant to write you off list but...I was an FC2 (SW), worked on Aegis
FCS/ORTS on the USS Yorktown CG-48. I was in from 83-92...oh the Med cruise
memories. Sorry that you have to go through the ditch...not much to do afte=
you go through there but stay on station for 6 months. Let me know if you
need anything sent to you (seriously). Post your address so we can send you
and the rest of the gang in CS something...although you guys on the carrier
have access to alot, you never know when you might need something. Are you
roasting on the ship or did you just pack some roasted for the trip?
Take it easy,
On 10/28/06, True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)  wrote:
At some point between French and fire, it really doesn't matter much what
the "origin character" of the coffee was...
Tom Owens - Sweet Marias

4) From: Sheila Quinn
LOL.... great story! Making your own coffee in the *$ has to grant you 
at least 995 CSA points, I would say. The fact that they admit your 
coffee is better and didn't throw you out is priceless. :)
Sounds like you had fun!
True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69) wrote:

5) From: True, Dennis W. FC1 (CVN69)
So do I just got straight to CSW (coffee Snobs of the World) and get =
Platinum points I figure 453 points counting double as CSA points.. add =
906 CSA points to my count. 
Thanks for the wishes. I'll do my best to keep my head down and get back =
safe and sound!!!

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