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Topic: Zass time to grind (5 msgs / 93 lines)
1) From: charles kertay
Thanks Everybody,
My 'Zass' has "made in west germany" stamped on the =
bottom. I didn't see any numbers.Mine seems quite slow compared to Bretts, =
although i do grind pretty fine for the aeropress.

2) From: Aaron
It was written:
Mine seems quite slow compared to Bretts, although i do grind pretty 
fine for the aeropress.
are you sure it's his zass that's slow :)
Ooh that's gonna start a war fer shore now I better hide before he gits 
in his tractor and comes after me. 
I have an older zass that's a hand grinder and sounds similar to yours, 
no numbers.  I was told it might be one of the older 164's ??  154's.
Speaking of Zass, has anyone heard anything about when they might be 
opening their doors for business again?  Seems it's been about forever 
since they shipped anything new.

3) From: Brett Mason
I cannot believe that Aaron is kicking me in the Zass...  I admit I
may be a couple turns shy of finely grounded, but...
Back to topic: Grind 1 oz of beans at the coarsest grind, and let us
know how long it took.  I'll do the same and we can compare.  Speed of
grind is truly variable, with lots of factors - bean, roast,
coarseness of grind, and plain old how you crank.
The real issue is how long does it take you to rind, and is the time
too long to be acceptable....
Does sound like a Zass from the writing on the bottom...
On 10/28/06, Aaron  wrote:

4) From: Aaron
Ok rude question time... or perhaps it's stupid question time... no 
wait, that was another topic.... anyways...
Grind an ounce at coarsest grind?  ok um err,  what is that grind?  I 
can open it all the way up until the adjustment nut just about pops off 
and the beans are almost broken in quarters. Im talking really coarse 
here, much more than id really brew with.    Instead of timing, Id count 
cranks until completion, as if I spin 20 rpm and you spin 12 rpm im 
probably going to get done quicker, given you are slow and all that 
stuff I wouldn't want to handicap you any further :P
I will have to wait until monday to try this as my hand zass is at my 
friends house right now.  I am letting him borrow it to show him that a 
different grinder than his whirly chop will make a better cup of coffee, 
or at least way more consistant.
Bigger beans bounce around more, smaller tend to get into the burrs 
quicker, denser tend to grind faster, a hangover slows you down approx 
15 %, and turning the handle backwards really makes things go slow.

5) From: Marionoumi
A German site said Zass mills will be available this autumn again....  

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