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Topic: Zass speed (8 msgs / 128 lines)
1) From: charles kertay
Thanks Brett and Aaron
All i can say on time to grind is using the fin=
e setting, nearly to burrs touching, it definitely takes 90 sec. cranking p=
retty fast (I'd say 150 rpm, 120 min.) to do 1 oz. by volume = 1 scaa sco=
op = 2 tablespoons. I havn't been grinding course, my french press is not=
 up and running now.

2) From: Brett Mason
I have to say that when I grind fine - ie espresso - it takes quite a
while.  Part of this is you are shaving the bean very very finely.
Most the time I use my zass for drip, for french press, for mokka pot,
or for swissgold one cup.  All of these I grind more coarse...  And
makes for great coffee...
On 10/29/06, charles kertay  wrote:

3) From: Aaron
charles that sounds close to right.
I grind, mine walks a bit I havent gotten to putting some locktite or 
whatever on it so it tightens a bit as i grind, and teh burrs do touch 
slightly.  Very fine grind which i use  a SG.  I do 10 grams of coffee 
at a shot and it takes about a minute for me.  I will say though that 
bean size makes a difference.  Big fat kona beans tend o take a bit 
longer as they bounce around up top a bit where as peaberries tend to 
drop right down and chomp up quickly.    Overall it's good exercise the 
way I see it.

4) From: Woody DeCasere
i only us my zass for espresso, none of my other grinders are up to the
task, and yeah it does take a while which is why i only have espresso a
couple of times a week as opposed to every day
On 10/30/06, Aaron  wrote:
"And we'd better not risk another frontal assault, that rabbit's dynamite!!"http://www.decasere.blogspot.com/

5) From: Larry Dorman
I hate my zass... it's slow and very imprecise...  was a total waste of money...

6) From: Lynne
Sorry you're not happy with yours. It took me a little while, but I am 
used to using mine, and mine does a terrific job.
Well, one thing for certain - I bet you could get your money back if 
you sold it on eBay (especially before they start manufacturing them 
On Oct 30, 2006, at 6:33 PM, Larry Dorman wrote:

7) From: Larry Dorman
Mine was purchased from Sweet Marias...
Mahogany Open Hopper Mill
Model 161 MA- $62.50
I believe that price is the same or very close to what I paid.  It's
been over a year ago now.
There was previous discussion and there were a number of people who
stepped forward who were dissatisfied with their Zass grinders bought
during that time period.
I got tired of grinding forever to get almost nothing, so I modded
mine so that I could hook it up to a cordless drill.  That helped with
the speed, but did nothing for the (lack of) consistency.
I'll have to think about it some... I might go ahead and put it up as
a tradition offering.  I hate to sell something that I consider to be
a defective product.  The only question is whether I could ever get it
replaced under warranty if any more ever come in and if it would make
any difference.  I have a Rocky that I use now, so I don't need it
most of the time, but it would be nice to have a travel grinder.

8) From: Lynne
I wonder if that's connected to Zass's not manufacturing for as long as 
they have. Perhaps there was a quality control issue, and rather than 
continue to manufacture something of poor quality, they stopped.
Mine is def. older. The speed doesn't bother me anymore - but then I 
make one, maybe two moka pots at a time. I had a couple of friends over 
on Sunday, and I just went back to the whirly-blade and percolator. 
Ugh. To think I was convinced that both were fine when I first came 
here! My guests said it was great coffee, but I could really tell the 
On Oct 31, 2006, at 6:30 PM, Larry Dorman wrote:

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