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Topic: I finally found the Blueberry (11 msgs / 173 lines)
1) From: Vince Doss
To date, I have just gone with the flow and figured I would eventually "see"
the characteristics of different coffee that others spoke of here and in
Toms write-ups. I missed out on the Horse and other harars from last year
because I just got started in ~May.Well I now know what blueberry in coffee
is like I just brewed my first pot of Idido Mist (18 hour rest) and all I
can say is WOW. I brought it to work and ground it in the Rocky and brewed
it in the Capresso MT500...it just blew everyone away.
Everyone asks the same question and I dont think I have seen it discussed,
but how does that happen? How does coffee get those elements in it? Everyone
asks if the grow blueberries close by...I say I dont think so...but how does
wine get those traits as well?
can someone/anyone enlighten me?
At some point between French and fire, it really doesn't matter much what
the "origin character" of the coffee was...
Tom Owens - Sweet Marias

2) From: Kevin
How did you pull the blueberry notes out of the Idido?  I roasted it to Full
City using an IR1 and brewed it in a French Press.  The coffee was very good
but I couldn't taste any blueberry notes (12+hrs of rest).  I'm considering
purchasing a Bodum Vac brewer from SM in Dec. to hit a cleaner cup taste
(as opposed to the French Press) Will this help?
--Insert snazzy quotation here--

3) From: Les
First Vince,
They don't grow blueberries in Ethiopia.  I doubt the folks in Yirgacheffe
know what a blueberry is.  Now to answer Kevin's question.  It is very
difficult to not roast away the highly unstable volatiles like the blueberry
in the IR1.  Try a city roast, you should get blueberry.  Try brewing about
10 minutes after roasting!  I have become a dedicated drum roaster.  It is
just easier to get really good roasts from a drum.  If you want to get
something close to a drum without the expense, I would build a SC/TO.  If
you want a good plug and play bit the bullet and get a Hottop.  I did HG/DB
for six months before getting my RK setup, and after my 3rd roast I was
roasting better coffee than after 18 years of hot air roasting.  If you
really want to roast with air, contact "Plain Mike" and build an Ubber
Roaster.  It is the only hot air roaster than can roast like a drum IMNSHO.
On 10/31/06, Kevin  wrote:

4) From: Vince Doss
I am guessing I roasted to city +, about 1 minute out of 1st crack. This is
a never ending learning process for me. In the beginning, I was pretty much
taking everything to 2nd and beyond. After conferring with the Local Brain
Trust, I am now going hot and heavy to get to 1st, then reducing heat to
coax it out of 1st more gently then giving it measurable time 1-3 minutes in
between finish of 1st and start of 2nd. Previously, I was marching right
through with heat on high until I dumped it.
Looking for the blueberry bushes.....;->
On 10/31/06, Kevin  wrote:
At some point between French and fire, it really doesn't matter much what
the "origin character" of the coffee was...
Tom Owens - Sweet Marias

5) From: Wesley Simon
In my closet lies a secret package just waiting to be cracked open: An
unopened 20 lb bag of Ethiopia Harar Horse Lot 30: blueberry heaven!
On 10/31/06, Vince Doss  wrote:

6) From: Les
Don't give out your address, you might be robbed!  In my roast schedule, Lot
30 is coming up in about 18 days.  It will be perfectly rested for my
birthday!  I will also be roasting some Blue Batak that day.  On the other
hand,  the Idido is a very special coffee.  It is much more balanced than
lot 30.  I will be out of Lot 30 after my next roast.  I did buy a 10
pounder of the Green Stripe Horse that I like better than the Lot 30, but
not as much as the Idido.  I may just have to bend my rules and get some
more Idido.
On 10/31/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:

7) From: Kevin
Ugh!  I just bit the bullet and purchased a Gene Cafe on Sunday.  It's a hot
air roaster but the volumetric air flow is much less than the IR.  Is this a
step in the right direction?
On 10/31/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:

8) From: Eddie Dove
It is a step in the right direction, as indicated recently by Ron Kyle's
"If I ever decided to get a small indoor sample roaster it would be the Gene
Cafe, I have used a Hot Top and IMO the Cafe seems to be a bit easier to
I have not tried one but from what I see and what I read it seems to me to
be a better choice of 1/2 lb electric roasters.
I too have a Gene Cafe and am enjoying the results.  I will be more than
glad to help you any way I can.
Presently I am searching for a good deal on a gas grill to setup for the RK
On 10/31/06, Kevin  wrote:

9) From: Casey Jones
I missed out on the Lot 30, but I got a small hint of blueberry in my
Lot 19 this morning.  It was in the very last sip.  Kind of a
surprise.  Maybe it had to do with the temp.
On 10/31/06, Wesley Simon  wrote:

10) From: Les
I don't have any roast time on the Gene Cafe, but everything I hear it
sounds like a winner.  From my reading it sounds like a good hybrid.   Plain
Mike's Ubber Popper is a hybrid in many ways too.  I think it heats as much
by conduction as it does by air.  Personally, I think the RK is in a sense a
hybrid too.  If you think about the beans spinning at 57 RPM, they are
moving a lot through the heat column as well.  My guess is they spend a lot
of time in the hot air vs just sitting on the drum.
On 10/31/06, Kevin  wrote:

11) From: scott miller
I usually notice the blueberry flavors as the cup cools. The aroma
seems constant. Not sure why this is.
On 10/31/06, Casey Jones  wrote:

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