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Topic: Blueberry and Lemon: Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP (5 msgs / 89 lines)
1) From: Eddie Dove
My compatriots and I distinctly tasted lemon in the Ethiopia Organic Idido
Misty Vally DP.  Everyone else on the list is talking about tasting
blueberry in the same aforementioned coffee.  I assume (flinch) that both
flavors can be had out of the same coffee given different roasting
mechanisms, techniques, profiles and cooling.  Is this assumption correct
and does it have to do with the manner and rate at which the sugars are
caramelized, etc?
By the way, I liked this coffee so much that it is the first of which I have
bought 10 pounds.  Two Harvey orders last night ... stash augmentation in

2) From: Eddie Dove
On 10/31/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

3) From: Les
I am getting hints of blueberry.  I get way more lemon.  The blueberry
kicks in as it cools.  It isn't like the lot 30 harar.  Fruit notes is
a better way of saying what I am getting.  This is a nice complex cup.
On 10/31/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

4) From: Jeremy DeFranco
     At city roast the predominant and definining taste and aroma I got was
that of blueberries. It seems as though it does taste and smell different at
different roasts. So I would recommend trying a city roast, and see what you
get. As for me, I will be trying a city+ roast next time in an attempt to
catch the lemon flavors.
My compatriots and I distinctly tasted lemon in the Ethiopia Organic Idido

5) From: Blake D. Ratliff
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For me the idido was blueberry blueberry blueberry.  I did not think I =
had a good enough pallet to even tell if blueberry were there but it was =
as obvious.  I did roast to a FC+ which may have snuffed out any lemon =
flavor.  I plan on roasting my next batch to a C+ to FC next time and =
that may bring out some of the lemon you are mentioning.  I also did my =
roasting in a cast Iron melting pot and it took 14 minutes.  So my =
roasting method could have triggered more blueberry as apposed to some =
of the brighter accents.

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