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1) From: TINK1969
Thank you Everyone!  I have put my order in and Harvey should be  arriving in 
a few days.
Unfortunately I am the only one at my house who drinks coffee so my stash  
must remain small.  Sigh..Is stash envy treatable or do I just end up  as green 
as the beans?
Brazil Cachoeira -Yellow Bourbon -2 lbs
Colombia Excelso 13556 -2 lbs
Ethiopia Organic Idido Misty Valley DP -2 lbs
Yemen Mokha Sana'ani -2 lbs
Zambia AA+ Lupili Estate -2 lbs
Uganda Organic Bugisu -2 lbs

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 10/31/06, TINK1969  wrote:
Yes, stash envy is treatable by Dr. Harvey....

3) From: Eddie Dove
"Is stash envy treatable or do I just end up as green as the beans?"  ...
that's funny!  Yes, schedule an appointment with Dr. Harvey.
Excellent choices.  Let us know how things turn out.
On 10/31/06, TINK1969  wrote:

4) From: Les
Stash envy isn't treatable. Just about the time you are well, Tom puts
more good stuff on the list.  I did get numbed once.  I visited Sweet
Marias and I had the privilege of wandering through the stacks and
stacks of wonderful bags of beans!  I then realized that there wasn't
much of a chance of running out of great options.
On 10/31/06, Eddie Dove  wrote:

5) From: French Lewis
I'm the only coffee drinker in my house as well, and
as far as I know, there is no known cure for stash
--- TINK1969 wrote:
 Sigh..Is stash envy treatable or
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6) From: miKe mcKoffee
Oh I don't know, I've found a cure. Get your stash to an obscene 2&1/2 to
3year usage level and have some primo greens like Island of St Helena go
baggy on you. My stash will never approach 200# let alone over 250# again.
Kona Konnaisseur miKe mcKoffee
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7) From: Mike Chester

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