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1) From: Tom Ogren
I too find the occasional off-topic exchange interesting. This one is no
exception. To the credit of both John and David, they noted this as an OT
subject. I also like Mike's idea on this thread: a proper and formal JD
exchange...cool. This is a hot issue. Should it be argued as a legal issue
or a moral issue, because we should not assume that the law walks hand in
hand with morality. Consider that laws are made by Congressmen. Nuf said
there perhaps. If this is a legal issue, I'd recommend everyone do some
serious homework by reading, watching or listening to the work of Lawrence
Lessig, a genious thinker, an attorney...not a lawmaker. I doubt anyone
would question Lessig's authority on this subject. His thinking in concerns
of intellectual property rights is expansive and illuminating. Everybody
back to your corners, wipe your brows, crack your books and listen to
TO in VA
On 11/2/06, John Blumel  wrote:

2) From: Tom Ogren
Sorry, here's a link to Lessig:http://www.lessig.org/content/audio/On 11/2/06, Tom Ogren  wrote:

3) From: Matt Henkel
Because I just can't keep out of this one:
Judge Richard A. Posner is a hero of mine.  If you're interested in
intellectual property and haven't read The Economic Structure of
Intellectual Property Law (which Posner co-authored with William Landes)
then you really need to go get a copy.
On Thu, Nov 02, 2006 at 05:22:48PM -0500, Tom Ogren wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
Can we just download a copy and post it here to help everybody?
Does that beg the copyright issue?
On 11/2/06, Matt Henkel  wrote:

5) From: Tom Ogren
Lynne, fair enough and you are correct...Coffee is king here. Still...much
thought and effort has gone into the arguments of both sides and I for one
would love some danged closure, as I hope would David and John.
Matt, it's neat how rivers converge. Methinks Larry Lessig clerked for Judge
Posner. There are a small number of people who can claim genuine
authoritative knowledge in the realm of intellectual property, etc... I
think it's worth hearing what these guys have to say. I'll check out
Posner's book. After all...these fellows think about this stuff much, much
more than the rest of us. Thanks for the tip.
By the by, this morning's Guatemala Antigua Maria Especial was sublime, as
was the Green Stripe...both at C+.
On 11/2/06, Matt Henkel  wrote:

6) From: David B. Westebbe
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