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Topic: Melitta Clarity (8 msgs / 126 lines)
1) From: Rich Adams
$70 Clarity's.http://www.abesofmaine.com/viewproduct.asp?id=mlmesc10&l=Pricescan

2) From: Kevin
Please refer to home roast mailing list rule number one:http://www.sweetmarias.com/maillistinfo.htmlNo outside commercial posts or solicitations - we do not allow outside
commercial posts of any kind. This includes regular emails with commercial
references, URLs, addresses or 800 numbers of products.*
On 11/3/06, Rich Adams  wrote:

3) From: Rich Adams
Ahh, slipped my mind, are you the new Kop?  Welcome!
In your reply Kevin, you included the same link.  So, back at ya:
Please refer to home roast mailing list rule number one.
Here's an alt.coffee post, I hope that's ok.http://tinyurl.com/yj8jp8Rich Adams

4) From: Brett Mason
Hi Rich,
I'd feel bad if you thoiught this was a Kevin thing.  Kevin is like many of
us who deeply appreciate the hard work and graciousness of Tom and Maria to
provide incredible products and a shared forum for discussion.  We recognize
that Tom means it when he asks us not to advertize for his competitors.  You
agreed when you signed up.
Maybe you're above all this, and don't care much whose list it is.  This is
disappointing. Please count me in with Kevin as one who greatly respects and
supports the work of Sweet Marias and will step in when appropriate to
support the business that Sweet Marias offers.
Is it just Kevin and I who feel this way?
Please advise,
On 11/3/06, Rich Adams  wrote:

5) From: Rich Adams
This is a multi-part message in MIME format.
I am not above making mistakes.
Relax!  It was an innocent post for an item that at one time was in high =
demand and I was thinkin about the folks who wanted one instead of =
thinking about rules.
That's it, no conspiracy to steal any of Tom's business.
Rich Adams

6) From: Brett Mason
Hi Rich,
That was a decent attempt, but still seems to fail.  Technivorm makes great
coffee brewing equipment.  Turns out these are for sale on
On 11/3/06, Rich Adams  wrote:

7) From: Rich Adams

8) From: Les
Well Brett, I am an official list cop and you are right.  It would have been
fine to talk about the Clarity, brag about it, swoon over it, just don't
post a URL.  Tom sells most of his stuff at almost cost.  I should know I am
one of his suppliers (Thor Tamper).  Tom is in the green bean business.  He
offers high quality coffee equipment as a service to us.  That is a very
nice thing.  By the way, I was messing around with my Technivorm and I
pushed the cut off button too far and had to take the bottom off to fix my
stupidity.  Wow it is built like a tank!  Now I know why it costs what it
does.  Everything is extra heavy duty in there.  I think it will last a long
time and be cheaper in the long run.
On 11/3/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

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