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Topic: Saeco Owners? (10 msgs / 161 lines)
1) From: Jon Rosen
Does anyone have any experience with the Saeco Aroma Black or a  
similar model? I would like to know if it makes a quality cup of  
espresso and if the machine holds up under daily use.

2) From: Brett Mason
I had a Starbucks Barista, OEM'ed from Saeco.  Used the same "pressurized
portafilter" mechanism.  This mechanism prevents you from using appropriate
temperature, tamp and pressure to get good espresso or crema.
I understood the difference when I got my Rancilio Silvia from Sweet
Maria's.  Temperature, pressure, and grind/tamp are your primary controls
against your coffee.  I now use a rebuit UNIC Diva (HX machine) and
understand a bit better.
I would recommend you check out the Gaggia lines because of the higher-end
features at very competitive prices.
Thanks for your new post.
On 11/3/06, Jon Rosen  wrote:

3) From: Sheila Quinn
Good to know - thanks! I don't have an espresso machine yet, but I will 
be looking for one eventually. I'd get a Silvia if I could afford it, 
but at my budget, a lower-end Gaggia is more realistic. They look very 
good from what I can tell, but I would still rather have one in 
stainless steel - it's more elegant.
Brett Mason wrote:

4) From: Cameron Forde
I have to disagree in part with this characterization of the
pressurized portafilter.  As long as your flow rate with tamped coffee
is slower than your flow rate without tamping, then it is the puck
that is determining your pressure, not the spring loaded PF valve.  I
will agree that the pressurized PF restricts one's ability to explore
"tamp space", but disagree that tamp is not a factor.
For those who can't afford something better, I think that these are
viable alternatives.  Will a Silvia produce better espresso?
Undoubtedly.  Will pressurized PF machines provide a decent stop-gap
while saving for something better?  I think so.  I used an Estro Profi
for several years while saving up for a better machine.  I imagine
that there are those that will disagree.
On 11/3/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

5) From: Eddie Dove
Get the inexpensive one and use chrome spray paint.  ;-)
On 11/3/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

6) From: Les
I started with s SAECO and got upgrade fever very fast.  I went to a Miss
Nancy (a Rancillio Silvia with a plastic case) for about 2 months and got
upgrade fever again.  I then bought a very good used HX machine (Expobar
Office Control), and I have not had upgrade fever since.  As much as I
enjoyed Mike McKoffee's Bric, and Alfred's Giotto, the Expobar has served me
well.  I then went into a different side of espresso and I have a very nice
lever machine, an Olympia Cremina.  I really consider it to be two different
types of espresso.  I ended up giving one of the list members my SAECO so he
could explore espresso.  Really if you know you like espresso or cappos, I
would hold out for at least an HX machine.
On 11/3/06, Jon Rosen  wrote:

7) From: Brett Mason
If you can afford the $169 for the sort-of machine, save another $60 and buy
a quality machine...http://www.sweetmarias.com/prod.gaggia.shtmlThis isn't that hard.  I struggle to imagine why you'd work so hard for a
$169 machine when a much more solid machine is available for less than 40%
I love America, buy what you must!
On 11/3/06, Cameron Forde  wrote:

8) From: Peter Zulkowski
So far I have found three saeco or very similar machines in yard sales 
or thrift stores.
Have never seen a Silvia....
Just my .02
Cameron Forde wrote:

9) From: scott miller
The Gaggia really is a decent machine. I still use mine. The portafilter is
really hefty.
On 11/3/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

10) From: Barry Luterman
Probably never will. Even when they appear on e-bay they are close to 
original price when new. Silvia really does not depreciate much

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