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Topic: I saw my first peaberry today (5 msgs / 97 lines)
1) From: Tom Maynard
I was in a local roaster's shop today (just being nosey, looking over the
inventory, not buying anything).  I'm totally new at this (exactly two roasts
under my belt) and I was shocked to see an Ethiopian peaberry on display.
They're not round!
Somehow from all the descriptions I've read I had presumed that a peaberry bean
would be, well, round.  Imagine my surprise when I saw that they look exactly
like a "regular" bean!  Go figure.
My first order from SM only shipped this morning so it's way too soon to order
something more, but I admit my curiosity is piqued.
Does peaberry coffee really taste any different from normal coffee?  They
certainly didn't look different -- I'd never have known if they weren't

2) From: Brett Mason
Hi Tom,
If you're tongue-in-cheek here, I missed it... but Peaberry is round or at
least oblong.  Instead of two halves, the bean is a single whole, looks a
lot like a pea with the line down one side...
Here's a link to a photo of peaberry on a chinese site (may be a competitor,
but who knows, It's in chinese).http://beibei.biz/photo/store/coffee-store-yunnan-peaberry-small-1.jpgRegards,
On 11/3/06, Tom Maynard  wrote:

3) From: Tom Maynard
No, my surprise was real.
Well, hush my mouth and call me Charlotte.  Those beans (in the photo) are a lot
"rounder" than the ones I saw.  I swear, the beans I saw looked exactly like
normal, flat sided, lady-bug shapes (um, perhaps "hemispherical" would be a
better term).
Perhaps the guy mislabeled them, or was just wrong, or worse.
Thanks for the pointer.  Those beans conform much more closely to my newly
restored mental image of a peaberry.

4) From: Jerry Procopio
Coffee beans are actually the seeds inside the coffee cherry.  Regular 
(flat sided) coffee beans have a flat side because there are [usually] 2 
of them grown together inside the cherry.  Peaberries result when there 
is only one seed.  It doesn't have a flat side but instead looks like a 
miniature Aussie football and is usually a little smaller than a regular 
flat sided coffee bean.  They seem to roast a little faster, but I have 
never noticed any difference in taste in those few varieties that I have 
had the opportunity to roast both flat bean and peaberry.
RK Drum Roasting in Chesapeake, VA
Tom Maynard wrote:

5) From: Les
On the upside, when peaberry coffee is sorted often extra care is taken, so
the quality of the sort is better.  Fundamentally, I don't think there is a
difference.  They are a bit more dense, so they do roast different in an air
popper roaster.  For some reason 1st crack is often harder to hear.
On 11/3/06, Jerry Procopio  wrote:

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