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1) From: Barry Luterman
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As far as not gifting coffee to people who do not treat my beans with =
the respect they deserve... One of my wife's classmates has taken to =
calling me "The Coffee Nazi"

2) From: Les
Barry that is funny since you are Jewish!  It really shows why you
shouldn't send him your good coffee.  If he is that dumb!
On 11/4/06, Barry Luterman  wrote:

3) From: Heat + Beans --all the rest is commentary
I don't expect people to value my precious coffee any more than they pay
attention to my advice.  For good or ill, if I've got it, I like to give
it.  Even if it goes into the trash.
On 11/4/06, Les  wrote:

4) From: Brett Mason
I brought my Christmas Blend to relatives' home for our Christmas Dinner.
They said "No need, we still have some of the coffee that you brought us
last summer - here it is!"  Boy was I honored!
Gagggg - arggggg.  Something about pearls before swine, etc...
I think I should get some vietnamese robusta for my "Babe" Roast...  This
will be fro second gifting.
Moral:  Always give the best.  If they demonstrate they are unworthy, never
give the best twice...
On 11/4/06, Heat + Beans --all the rest is commentary <
heatgunroast> wrote:

5) From: Sheila Quinn
OMG - ROFL !!!
That sounds like something my mother would do. She has a can of 
preground something-or-other in her freezer that is at least three years 
old. When I go to visit (even before I roasted my own) I always have to 
stop and buy coffee beans on the way there. She kind of rolls her eyes 
and makes a stink out of it, but how can I drink that? "But Sheila, I 
already HAVE coffee!"
Brett Mason wrote:

6) From: Sheila Quinn
Of course, now I will just bring my own from home. I guess that should 
go without saying, right? I imagine they'll really look at me strangely 
if I bring the green beans and roast them there! Oh well, that's what I 
will be doing if we stay for any length of time.
Anybody else here ever roast at someone else's house?
Sheila Quinn wrote:

7) From: Brett Mason
Yes - bring a popper.  Show it simple, bring a zass and a french press.
Apologize for it.  Say "it was nothing" and complain about not hitting the
perfect cup...  Be sheepish...
On 11/4/06, Sheila Quinn  wrote:

8) From: Vicki Smith
On Friday, I'm going to Toronto for a wedding and a visit with friends 
and family. I'm bringing 7 pounds of coffee--all of which I will roast 
two days before I leave in my bread machine/heat gun setup. I'll 
probably be buried in chaff by the time I'm done.
I'm also travelling with greens and my heat gun for roasting demos while 
I'm there. I might bring my IR2, if I can sneak it into the suitcase.
I love gifting coffee, and over the years, beginning long before I 
started roasting, I've given endless numbers of press pots to folks who 
didn't have decent coffee brewing setups of their own. A press pot, and 
one of the inexpensive blade grinders SM sells, and folks are good to go.

9) From: Tom Bellhouse
I took my SC/TO rig to Arkansas a year ago for a high school reunion,
and that convinced all present that I was, indeed, still crazy after all
these years.  Took the FP too, and gave lessons on both instruments.
Tom in GA

10) From: Brett Mason
If they (for whatever reason) don't appreciate your coffee...
Send it to me...
  Brett Mason
  5921 Flagstone Dr. NE
  Cedar Rapids, IA, 52402
I understand the hurt you feel, and only offer this to assuage the pain...
Love you,
On 11/4/06, Tom Bellhouse  wrote:

11) From: Branden Byers
Hey Brett,
I just realized there are others near me who roast. I'm studying at
the University of Iowa. It's nice to know there are others
homeroasters nearby...
On 11/4/06, Brett Mason  wrote:

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