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1) From: Kevin
For me, 50% of the enjoyment of coffee is the actual roast process,
tinkering with it and the sense of accomplishment that I was responsible for
the entire 'cooking' process from raw material to brew.  The other 50% is
enjoying the incredible coffee.  Though lately I haven't had the time to
roast frequently enough to ensure a sufficient quantity of fresh roast for
my morning coffee ritual, and decaf for my wife, as my wife and I are trying
to adjust to the arrival of our son.  As I'm sitting here drinking the
office brewed tar water (to quote the Comic Book Guy from the Simpsons,
"Worst coffee ever!"), to avoid a caffeine headache and compensate for
another sleep deprived night, I was wondering if those of you that have
tried Tom's roasted (prior to shipping) coffee would share your
experiences?  Has anyone taken notes on it and compared it to their own
roasts (i.e. use it as a control sample for your own roasts)?
I'm thinking of using it as a 'fail safe' when I'm out of fresh roast and as
a control group to compare to my own roasts when I do roast (and roast the
same bean, obviously this will not be an exact control (if crop/time of year
varies) but it will be better than nothing).
Though...It'll be more economical to roast successive batches on weekends to
ensure enough coffee for the week...but it's good to have options.

2) From: scott miller
The price for the roastmaster's choice selections is great. I bought some
Liquid Amber that way in the past. This was fairly early in my roasting
experience and was really helpful when I was trying to roast greens for my
own use. I have not been able to get the same flavors from my roasts of LA,
but I'm not roasting on a Probat either.
On 11/7/06, Kevin  wrote:

3) From: Les
You don't need a Probat.  I ordered coffee from Tom too and to do a
comparative roast.  In a blind cupping my RK beat the Probat.
On 11/7/06, scott miller  wrote:

4) From: scott miller
Aw, come on now. I need to have SOMETHING to blame when I don't get the
results I'm looking for. 
Actually, I was happy with the results of roasting the Liquid Amber; it was
nothing to be embarrassed about. But it sure did point out that equipment
really does produce observable differences.
ScoTTT ... and I still want a Probat...
On 11/7/06, Les  wrote:

5) From: Justin Marquez
On 11/7/06, Les  wrote:
But wasn't your RK drum coffee fresher?
Safe Journeys and Sweet Music
Justin Marquez (CYPRESS, TX)

6) From: Larry English
Early in my roasting career (that would be early last year) I ordered a
pound of Tom's roasted three or four times, primarily to compare with my own
initial efforts and to see what Tom meant by City+ and Full City.  I enjoyed
them very much, and they were fresh, arriving within 48 hours of roasting (I
live in the SF Bay Area).  But I'd rather roast my own and I haven't ordered
roasted beans for over a year.  One issue is timing - roasting is done
Monday afternoon and shipping follows almost immediately, so it's not like
driving over to your favorite local roaster (Barefoot Roasters is near here)
and picking up a pound whenever you need to.
On 11/7/06, Justin Marquez  wrote:

7) From: Sharon Allsup
On 11/7/06, Kevin  wrote:
I've bought the roasted-by-Tom stuff.  I stopped by SM's warehouse
last month while I was in California for a wedding, and they had a few
pounds of that week's roasted coffee left.  So I went ahead and bought
some, then offered it to the other family members staying at the
hotel.  It was a BIG hit, particularly Saturday as people milled
around in the morning and pre-wedding early afternoon.  I also ground
some and passed it around with paper filters for those who wanted to
try it in the hotel's little Mr Coffee units (I had my electric kettle
& French Press in my luggage, as always).
Yummy stuff.  I could tell it was five days old, but it was still
excellent coffee.  To the wedding guests, who in general had only the
standard "general public" exposure to coffee to compare it to, it was
amazing, the best they'd ever had, and so on.
I made a couple of converts to home-roasting that week.  :)
Something to keep in mind is that SM roasts only once per week, on
Mondays.  Then it goes into the mail.  You don't have flexibility of
timing then.  It's still wonderful coffee, tho, and he packs it in the
one-way-valve bag, so it's still yummy on the weekend.

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