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Topic: Wire grid for vac pot (7 msgs / 112 lines)
1) From: hermit
After a recent move I finally located my Bodum Santos vac pot.  Prior
residence had a gas stove, the new house has electric which I hate. So
I am looking for a wire grid to use with the new stove and pot.  I
know Tom has them, but thought I would pick your minds and perhaps
someone could come up with a department store or something that
carries them.

2) From: Brett Mason
Hi Rich,
We are certainly reluctant to mention Tom's competitors here, so I won't do
such.  Sounds like you are looking for that copper plate that diffuses heat
from an electric coil?  (That's what I use for my Cory VacPots)...  Or the
wire thingamajig that Tom sells (I couldn't find it on SM today)
Good Shopping!
On 11/8/06, hermit  wrote:

3) From: Jason Brooks
I've heard a coat hanger bent up will work (wire of course).  But I've
never tried it.  My Cory came with one of the widow-maker hot plates that
I use with pre-heated, almost boiling water.
Jason Brooks

4) From: Kevin
I stripped the insulation off some Romex electrical cable and bent the
wire.  If it's good enough for 15amps of current at 120V...though I let it
cool before touching it!
On 11/8/06, Jason Brooks  wrote:

5) From: hermit
Thanks Brett and the others who kindly took the time to respond to my
I am well aware that referring someone to a competitor is a no-no.  I
have been as avid reader of the mailing list for a long time, perhaps
even longer than most.  What I was looking for is perhaps someone saw
some wire grids at a Walmart or Target.  I don't think Tom would be
upset with someone who recommended a store for a five dollar part.  If
I cannot find it locally I'll just have Tom send me a grid when I
place my next order of green beans.
Thanks to all,

6) From: Branden Byers
My vote is for a coat hanger or bicycle spoke. Then you could bend it
into a flower or better yet a coffee cup. I just picked mine up at a
local thrift store though...
On 11/8/06, hermit  wrote:

7) From: Angelo
You could also wait until after a particularly windy rainstorm to 
find a twisted, discarded umbrella. One of those spokes would work 
perfectly... and it's pre-bent :-)

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