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1) From: Gregg Talton
I recently worked a series of twelve hour shifts and didn't have time to
roast anything.  I usually take a thermos to work and as I prepared for my
day I realised to my horror I didn't have enough of any single origin to
make a pot of coffee.  So I mixed together the small amounts of what was on
hand from my roasting sessions earlier in the week.  I used about 30% Aged
Sumatra, about 20% dry processed Ethiopian and  50% Mexican Oaxaca and made
a pot in the chemex  -  It was one of the best blends I've ever had!  It was
balanced and  almost the perfect coffee for me. It was buttery, deep and had
just enough high notes.  Since then I've tried to repeat the blend with some
success - but it's not like the leftovers. I've been roasting more than
usual since the arrival of my Gene Cafe so I expect that I'll have more
opportunities to experiment with leftover blends in the future.
Charlotte, NC

2) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 11/8/06, Gregg Talton  wrote:
I think we all have been there....

3) From: Les
I have gone to a thermos at work too.  It is just too much of a hassle to
brew at work.  I bought a Zojirudhi "tuff slim" from Sweet Marias.  It is
just perfect for that second cup at about 10:30.  the coffee is nice and hot
and the flavor isn't too much different than fresh brewed.  One of the best
built thermos I have used.
On 11/8/06, Brian Kamnetz  wrote:

4) From: Jason Brooks
I've been carrying a 14oz Nissan-Thermos leak-proof mug for almost a year.
 Keeps the brew toasty for a good while.
Jason Brooks

5) From: Myron J
Concerning Greggs left-over blend..Brian wrote:
Was that said with a "sigh" Brian??
I would say..."And we hope to be there again and again.!" Left over 
blends..one of the more exhilirating aspects of our hobby.
Gregg, I doubt you can really experiment with left over blends..They just 
happen! Enjoy!

6) From: Brian Kamnetz
On 11/8/06, Myron J  wrote:
Myron, yes, it was. (Sigh.)

7) From: French Lewis
I also use a thermos at work...one of the Nissen
backpack thermoses with the flip lid that Sweet
Maria's sells.   Ditto everything Les said.
regarding leftover blends: oh Horror or horrors, when
I get down the the dregs of green beans I usually
combine them into a 'stew' and roast the lot.    I've
been suprised a few times, but not disappointed...
--- Les  wrote:
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