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Topic: why I like a naked PF (5 msgs / 73 lines)
1) From: Les
Instead of continuing the Gaggia thread that went this direction, I thought
it best to start a new thread.
Since a picture is worth a thousand words, check this pour-nography out!

2) From: Michael Dhabolt
Looks just like the Yellow Bourbon / Idido Misty Valley / Monsooned
Malabar pull that I am currently quaffing, even used the same demi
Mike (just plain)

3) From: raymanowen
OK, Les, OK- Flavor is usually stupendous when I take a notion to exercise =
my little Capresso on whatever beans I have roasted. I don't get a flow rat=
e anything like you are getting in your beautiful "pour-nography."  
Just once, I got it. (My PF handle is nekkid, because I removed the plastic=
 spout/dildo from the bottom of it.) I had accidentally ground too coarse. =
For drip, I set Grinder M at 52 , and hadn't set it all the way down to =
I stopped turning at 32, and ground [Pfft!] the 14g about the same instant =
I realized I hadn't gone as fine as I was planning. Blame the cat. I detour=
ed to feed the mouser then just tossed the beans in and hit GO! before I re=
alized I hadn't finished resetting the grind pitch. Brain Fart.
That's the only time it ever put out  a continuous stream of the neat espre=
sso emulsion. It looked a lot better than normal, but there was no jump in =
flavor. That's good because it was an error to begin with. 
It always looks great in the little Bodum Assam cup when finished brewing. =
It just looks like an Abbott and Costello gig getting there. I'll take it, =
though- it usually blows the doors off of the dreckig Scheisse I've paid fo=
r in the past.
Cheers -RayO, aka Opa!
Ugly brew barista wannabe

4) From: scott miller
That is so wrong, man. I'll wake up in the morning & pull some "regular"
shot and just start sobbing. I don't even have one of those nifty glass SM
logo cups either... well, I'll just make do with what I got...  
On 11/15/06, Les  wrote:

5) From: Les
Those nifty cups were the brain child of Mike McKoffee for the PNWG III.
On 11/15/06, scott miller  wrote:

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