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Topic: What will they think of next? Java logs (8 msgs / 137 lines)
1) From: an iconoclast
I was researching compressed fire logs and found this:http://www.java-log.com/product_overview_en.htmWe have a wood stove, so wouldn't use this, but what a great idea for
recycling coffee grounds!
Take care,

2) From: Eddie Dove
My friend uses these in an outside fire pot and he really likes them.  Makes
for a relaxing evening.
On 11/17/06, an iconoclast  wrote:

3) From: Aaron
Im sure there's hype there and all but they are putting a real spin on 
the 'cleaner for the environment' thing there.
Carbon monoxide is caused by incomplete burn, generally when not enough 
air/oxygen is available, like in a car engine, or a bbq for instance.  
Changing the chemical makeup is not going to significantly alter this, 
as the burning method will.
However wood and Id believe coffee grounds as well since they ARE of a 
plant nature, will produce just as much carbon dioxide if they are 
burnt, OR if they are left to rot  in the forest floor, or a landfill, 
etc etc.
Burning ADDS particle matter to the air,  decomposing generally 
doesn't.  If you are so worried about the environment, then don't burn 
them in the first place, put them in your home grown garden especially 
at 8 dollars a log or so when all is figured out.
I wonder how many emissions comes from burning money, because that's all 
you are doing here.  If you roll up a 20 tight enough, I bet it might 
burn for a little while.  I wonder if I can get the bank to give me a 
whole bag of them to try it, say it's for recycling.  or perhaps someone 
could donate a few to me to try.  I promise you I will take them and 
write a check to burn for every single 20 you give me.

4) From:
great link Ann, thanks...
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5) From:
I would agree here,; I always use the grounds in plant material or in the gardens around this complex I leased for another year. 
A woman though I was nits when see saw me using older (read I will not eat) bananas in some of the plants and trees; she had no idea that the plants absorb the banana.
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6) From: Ken Mary
absorb the banana.
Bananas slightly beyond the edible stage can be used in cakes, cookies etc.
The banana flavor is supposed to be enhanced when overripe. I will sometimes
buy reduced bananas and dehydrate them. Just slice and put directly in a
food dehydrator. They become very sweet with a raisiny texture. They are
perishable so refrigerate in a closed jar.
Re the java logs, I wonder if anyone has done an energy balance on the
complete process from production to consumption? I have not done this but I
am betting the energy consumed by transportation alone would be greater than
the energy gained from burning. Therefore java logs would be harmful to the
environment. I also believe this is true for most recycled materials.

7) From:
You can also freeze bananas very well. I do at times take several that I may not have time to eat before they get past "my point of liking" and freeze them; these bananas are great as you mentioned for cooking and for making smoothies!
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8) From: Brett Mason
The caring person would write a check for $25 for each twenty received,
adding personal value before burning the check.  But the thought was there,
and very sincerely appreciated...
Going to do some of my own burning today - we're in California and it's
going to be sunny and 77 around the pool!
Cheers all,
Bag of twenties on its way.  (It's in the mail)
On 11/18/06, Aaron  wrote:

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