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1) From: Lynne
Ginny -
I miss gardening! I live in an apartment, and can't wait til I'm in a 
place where I can grow plants and veggies again. Although I can't 
complain - the yard around this house is really nice - ferns, grass, 
old trees & very old rhodedendron bushes - very pretty.
Do you use the (aged) bananas for any particular plants? Skins (seems 
as though that would be hard to break down)?
I used to make a big barrel of manure tea w/other stuff thrown in - 
like seaweed & I forget what else. I'd grind leftover veggies & fruits 
w/my good ol' vitamix (circa '60's, I think), and add that to the soil. 
What a garden I had once I started to do that!.
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2) From:
Most any plants and trees like bananas, yes the ripe/overripe that no one wants around here (read my grandmother would of course grab the old/ripe ones to eat.)
Some I just put hunks of banana right into the leaves near the center sten, they can also be put on the soil against the main stem. I have put banana into some trees and nothing happens, the tree does not absorb the banana.
I am also in an apartment compound right now but I walk the dog around, pick up poop and deposit banana on my daily rounds.
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3) From: Aaron
It's kind of funny actually that you mention compost..  The one store by 
me, they give me all their older (read throwing away) produce when I ask 
for it.  Mostly it's for the dragons but I do have a compost drum and 
use it constantly for my potted plants and plants around the apartment 
complex.  Basically when my 5 gallon bucket of compost gets overfilled I 
empty about half into the bushes and refill it with continually new 
compost as it becomes ready.
Banana's until they really turn slushy and start smelling bad, can be 
used for cooking, banana bread comes to mind.  Yes it does seem the 
taste is enhanced a bit by the over ripeness.  The sugar gliders love em 
this way too but those little brats will eat just about anything sweet I 
put in their cage.

4) From: Tom Bellhouse
Aaron, when I was a hungry grad student, a produce manager gave me a 
whole crate of avocados "because they were starting to get soft."  We 
made one humongous guacomole and fed the multitudes.
Tom in GA

5) From: Aaron
Tom, its amazing what produce managers do NOT know.  I got about a 50 Lb 
sack of green (raw uncooked, great for boiling) peanuts from one once 
because a few were starting to sprout.
I called all my red neck friends and said Hey!!!  guess  what I gots!!  
thare aint no way I gonna be able to boil all dese nuts... come pick up 
some.  I used my one still to boil 5 gallons worth, the rest I gave away 
and then had a ton of peanuts which I brought to work and basically put 
at the door with a sign saying, help yourself, enjoy...
Funny thing, the juice I boiled them in, I did not use a ton of salt 
like many recipies call for but spiced the jeezers out of them and wow 
were they good.  I used pretty much the spices i use to make my meat 
rubs,.... 16 different spices but very very little salt....I think its 
pretty much universal what it taste good in/on.
God bless the stuoopid prodeuce peepule, they keep the likes of me in 
good eatins fer durt cheep!!!

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